VERS approval for Info-Organiser V12

Info-Organiser V12

Info-Organiser V12 is the VERS preferred choice for Small Business Enterprises and agile-minded companies who recognise the value of digital records compliance. Info-Organiser V12 sits in good company alongside larger ticket enterprise products such as HP TRIM, AvePoint, RecordPoint, ELOprofessional/ELOenterprise, and Technology One ECM.

What is VERS?

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) is recognised as the Australian benchmark for storing digital records. VERS is about ensuring the creation, capture and preservation of authentic, complete and meaningful digital records.

VERS is an initiative of the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) and is incorporated into the updated PROV Standards Framework. VERS is a record’s management benchmark for government departments and organisations such as hospitals, aged care, and financial services.

Why use VERS for compliance?

Under the PROV framework, digital records can be converted to VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOS), an approved long-term preservation format. The record’s metadata is captured and signed using digital signature technology (or a ‘certificate’) to ensure integrity.

Info-Organiser V12 has now passed the rigorous self-assessment process for VEO creation products and is listed on the PROV website as an approved Vendor. Click here:

Why we invest in VERS

Since 1999, Info-Organiser has provided leading electronic records expertise for Australian businesses. Info-Organiser Software first received VERS compliance in 2013. We are very proud of still being the only company of our size that fully meets the VERS standards.

We invest in VERS as we believe it is important that Australian businesses have a government-level compliant choice at a SME price point, that is fully Australian owned and supported.

How to demo the VERS module

Please contact us to learn about the VERS features of Info-Organiser V12, and how they can assist you to do better business filing. Request a Demo here.