Tips for work from home filing compliance

work from home

If you’ve got staff needing to work from home or you’ve had to stand down admin staff, then keeping on top of filing compliance can get tricky.

While it’s tempting to dump everything in One Drive or Drop Box, the last thing you want when your team is back in the office full-time is to be swamped by catching up with filing or be looking for lost files. You’ll want to be focused on servicing clients and getting in new business when that day arrives.

Here’s three easy ways to stay on top of filing compliance:

  • Set up smarter email workflows

Use your lockdown time to set up new time saving habits such as better email filing. Using the Info-Organiser Outlook plugin, you can set emails to autofile a copy into Info-Organiser where they can be catagorised by client, supplier, project, etc. Finding an email that’s filed in Info-Organiser is much faster than scrolling through hit and miss Outlook searches. You’ll find a help file on email filing in our support portal.

If you want a complimentary training on how to set this up, send us a support request.

  • Privacy 101 – Keep logins separate and protect passwords

Stay vigilant about protecting your passwords and keeping separate logins for Info-Organiser and all your software. Using the correct user login ensures you have an accurate audit trail for privacy and records compliance.

You might have noticed that phishing and scam emails have gone to another level lately. Protect yourself with these tips.

  • Review admin rights and security levels

If you have reassigned staff to new roles, you might need to review and reset security access levels in Info-Organiser. Make sure the main Administrator has any sensitive docs locked down with restricted access linked back to user logins. (You can check this in the Admin Tab under User Management and/or Property Settings).

Let us know your best work from home filing compliance tips and tricks.