Simple invoice processing software for paperless workflow

Money In, Money Out. Do it Smart and Keep it Simple with Invoice Processing Software.

It’s a basic fact of business that the wheels of your administration need to be well oiled to keep turning.

Today’s oil is automation software and FormStorm Invoices will keep your administration processes flowing with ease.

You will be processing your own invoices within minutes from installation, without any customisation.

Simplicity with Accuracy
Based on technology used widely around the world, and offering unparalleled simplicity to operate, FormStorm Invoices is everything you expect – easy to install and simple to operate. The accuracy and speed will result in very happy people in your office.

FormStorm Invoices EX packs tools to ensure

  • data accuracy of key fields
  • strong emphasis on reducing false positives
  • intuitive and fast processing.

The result is a truly off-the-shelf, powerful, fast and accurate system like you have never seen before.

The FormStorm 3 Level approach provides you ultimate functionality.

Level 1 – Template Matching
This is the standard process whereby an invoice will be matched to a template which has been uploaded to FormStorm as part of the Setup process.

Level 2 – Autoform
With Autoform, template creation is done during the Verify process instead of at setup. (The only elements defined during setup are the forms and the fields). Once complete, all the invoice data is captured. When a similar invoice is presented, it is instantly matched to the template and simply processed in the standard template matching process (as described in Level 1).

Level 3 – General Invoice
For advanced processing of invoices where there is no template present, FormStorm will automatically find the required fields, using OCR to locate labels such as ‘Invoice Number’, Invoice Date’ etc, and to find the appropriate data corresponding to that field. Simple invoice processing software that will save you time and money!