Info-Organiser’s Top 20 Digital Filing Insights Over 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years of Caring for Your Info – Here are the top 20 things we’ve learned so far…

Since 1999, Info-Organiser software has been at the forefront of Australian document management development.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Info-Organiser clients are enjoying the benefits of digital filing technology.

Info-Organiser is purposefully designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, value for money and always improving. We aim for you to leave your desk at the end of your workday satisfied that it was productive and fulfilling.

Enjoy these 20 insights from 20 years of pioneering document management software and digital filing solutions for Australian enterprises.

  1. Be True Blue – Celebrate Australian

Overseas companies are slow to understand and implement the specific filing and compliance needs of Australian businesses. For instance, did you know hosting documents offshore is a breach of Australian compliance laws?

The ATO is fully on board with electronic filing. You can read the latest ATO ruling TR2018/2 regarding electronic record keeping by clicking here.

  1. There is no I in Team. Or in Paperless.

A successful document software solution can’t be an introverted geek. It needs to be a smart and sociable team player.

Info-Organiser happily talks to Outlook and Word, and accounting packages like MYOB and QuickBooks, and Forms Recognition software, and CRM software. Using our API, it will even talk to your one of a kind Windows-based software.

  1. Innovation comes in waves – catch the right one

Back in 1999 when Info-Organiser was born, paperless document management was newly innovative and leading edge. Early adopters caught the wave while others stood by and scoffed. Now in 2019 everyone wants to be paperless in some way, whether it’s paying bills online or reading the newspaper on a tablet.

In 20 years, the desire for paperless has become normal. Nowadays it’s called Digital Filing, or Enterprise Content Management. Info-Organiser is still here, still innovating and always striving for continuous improvement.

  1. To err is human – so pursue excellence

 ‘To err is human’. Alexander Pope said these famous words way back in 1711.

Do you think he was visioning 21st Century paper filing habits?

Info-Organiser acknowledges that it is human to make filing mistakes. Our solution is to provide smart software with simple protocols for eliminating usual and unusual filing errors. (We think Mr Pope would approve.)

Instead, you’ll have time for focusing on human traits, like the search for excellence, because as Aristotle said, ‘Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’

  1. Listen to feedback – customer knows best

Over the years, we have always sought and listened to client feedback, and many of our software features have been user initiated.

For example, when we were asked to find an easier way for left-handed clients to use Info-Organiser, we created moveable windows that can be switched on your screen to accommodate how you like to view, click and be in control of information.

Now its one of the most loved features of right-handed users too, especially those clients who like to use two screens.

  1. Simplicity is Smart – why less is more

It’s like this – just because a feature is there doesn’t mean it’s functional. Too many bells and whistles are noisy, distracting and a waste of time.

For example, why buy a document management product that has a very basic CRM when you won’t use it?

Info-Organiser likes to take a less is more, Zen-like approach and deliberately chooses to stay away from unnecessary feature clutter.

  1. Custom is a service that everyone deserves

Everyone deserves to have the business advantages of a customisation service.

Your business has unique needs that generate unique systems and filing procedures. Unlike many competitor products, everyone gets access to Info-Organiser’s Level One custom features as standard.

Plus, we assist you to identify and set up your features – it’s all part of the custom service.

  1. Are we there yet?

Just like with planning a vacation, once you commit to being paperless, you’ll want to get there as soon as possible!

We get it, we hate waiting too. That’s why we’ve created software with a promise that you will be relaxed and happily organising within an hour of installation and training. We’ve proudly kept that promise for 20 years.

  1. We live in the land down under

Having access to support staff and technicians who live in your time zones and can clearly solve your technical hiccups is old-fashioned good sense.

When you pay for annual support, you should receive it promptly. And if you want a quote on a new custom feature, you deserve to get a response about it in hours, not in days or weeks.

  1. Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Way back in 1999, Info-Organiser first promised that our software was ‘the easiest way to a paperless office’. This still rings true today. As does the next message which was to have ‘Information at your fingertips’, and ‘Any time, Any place’. In 2019, with Info-Organiser, the search is over.

For 20 years we have proudly pushed the envelope of our marketing message. Rather than bore you to death with tech jargon, we’ve sought to inform and entertain.

One thing is for sure, we know that whatever we do next, we will be copied. For that, we are grateful because a world that uses less paper and cares for info is better business for everyone.

  1. Space Matters – it’s still the new frontier

Use the force, be a guardian, and get trekking with digital filing!

If your paper files take up more office space than your staff do, then you’ve got a problem Houston. If your burdened email inbox is slowing down your computer, then it’s time to beam it up into Info-Organiser.

Click here to read our Client Case Studies about how others took ground control of their crowded office spaces before they were doomed, and there was nothing they could do…

  1. Security Matters More

A false sense of security about your files is a ticking time bomb.

If you believe that your paper files are safely locked in cabinets then one day you are in for a shock. Hard copy files are at risk from theft, flood, earthquake, fire, coffee cup spills and simple human error. Consider this – if your files are destroyed by fire tonight could your business recover?

Storing your files in a document management system with secure off-site backup and disaster recovery protocols is the safest and wisest business choice.

  1. Compliance Matters Most

Australian business documents have a retention period of 5-70 years, and businesses are legally obligated to comply with federal and state guidelines. In 2012, we invested resources into becoming a VERS compliant product that protects all your records.

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) was developed by the Public Record Office Victoria to help government agencies manage, store and access digital records. VERS provides a benchmark for other Australian states and as such is a reliable standard for Australian businesses.

Use our Document Storage Guideline to manage the lifecycle of your digital records.

  1. If tortoises are winners, then hares are grinners

Info-Organiser is the tortoise that lets you be the hare, speedily filing and archiving all your business documents, grinning your way through another productive day.

Think of us as the steady, reliable tortoise that allows you to move fast in the work you need to do, and have time off for a nap – oops, we mean lunch, too.

  1. Always Get Back Up

The Chinese have a saying, ‘Fall down seven times, get back up eight’.
In IT, we have a saying, ‘Don’t wait to fall down – BACKUP EVERY TIME!’

Dedicating your business to digital filing is a smart choice. You save time, money and headaches while protecting your valuable data. However, you need to be smart and sensible about your backup and disaster protocols. Document your backup and disaster recovery procedures and test them regularly. Backup is information insurance, so get the best value and don’t skimp, as that mindset will always cost you more in the long term.

  1. Email is a beast. Tame it.

Email is a vital part of business productivity, but it can also be a savage taskmaster. Searching in Outlook is slow and frustrating. Subject lines can be misleading and Reply All is fraught with danger!

To tame your email, you need to have virus protection, spam filters, a current operating system and use Info-Organiser email archiving workflow. We have designed Info-Organiser to allow users to be smart and savvy with email filing management. (Mostly we wanted it to be a feature we would love using ourselves – and yes, we do.)

  1. The Iceberg Theory of Software Design

In the secret world of software design, it’s known that the simpler a system appears, the more confident you will feel when you use it. (Just think about an iPhone).

To achieve user-friendly document management software requires a complex foundation of user experience and design know-how, surrounded by agile thinking.

Underneath the surface of Info-Organiser is 20 years of deep development that you don’t need to see to appreciate the simple majesty of the floating iceberg.

  1. People don’t change, but they can transform

Work habits are hard to change, and people are wired to resist change whenever possible. That’s why we’ve made business software that shortcuts the change process by using metadata.

Metadata describes other data; it’s data about data. Meta derives from Greek, meaning ‘among, with, after, change’. In metamorphosis, the meta means change – as in the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Metadata (and other uses such as metatags) refers to being comprehensive and fundamental, or the description and cataloguing of data.

Using metadata, you can manipulate your info in endless and dynamic ways to transform filing from boring to beautiful.

  1. Create solutions for adults

We owe a lot to Dropbox. It’s taught the world that using documents in the cloud is normal. It’s also taught the world that the cloud is hackable, and info needs to be protected.

A grown-up file sharing solution gives you control over your documents and a secure portal for searching with almost any combination of metadata. Info-Organiser is Dropbox for adults.

  1. Always dress for success – why boutique is better

Early adopter users from 15-20 years ago know that Info-Organiser keeps working day after day, year after year.

As a boutique software provider, we work closely with you to provide a successful business partnership. We strive to create software that makes you look and feel good, every time you log in.

Happy 20th anniversary to us! And hip hip hooray to our clients for journeying with us on our quest to continuously provide better document management. Here. Here.