How to make a DMS part of your business DNA

It is now scientifically known that DNA is changeable by repetitive actions over a lifetime. So it makes sense to strengthen your business DNA with sound knowledge and smart actions. A robust document management system (DMS) like Info-Organiser is an ideal way to strengthen your business to the next level.

The aim is to embed a DMS culture across your business so that it becomes a normal part of your operations. Just like email has replaced fax and mail, Info-Organiser will replace manual filing, photocopying and solve many headaches across your organisation.
Here’s our three ways to strengthen your document management DNA

Do Training
Turn your office into an Info-Organiser gym! You want your office bulging with well-toned DMS muscles. Training is an integral part of ensuring Info-Organiser is implemented to the maximum benefit.

As well as the training you receive when first purchasing Info-Organiser, any new staff need to be trained as part of their induction process. If additional single or group training is required, simply book an online training refresher session. We can also provide customised training manuals that allow variations and instructions unique to your workflow systems.

The beauty of Info-Organiser DMS is that the simplicity of the software will have your office experiencing productivity within the first hour of using it. (As any exerciser knows, fast results are always encouraging).

New Habits
Psychologists say it takes 21 days to form a new habit forever. The key is for using Info-Organiser to become as habitual as sending emails and typing Word docs. At first this might sound like another task to put onto your staff, however, after a week, they will be enthusiastically telling you how simple Info-Organiser is making their lives. After 21 days they will be saying they don’t know how they ever worked without it.

A practical method is to set a routine that works for your business. Each person in the office can drag and drop emails, office docs and PDFs into Info-Organiser as you go using Auto-TakeUp, (for rapid index filing later in the day or the week). Alternatively, if everyone in the office uses Take-Up, then one person can easily to do all the daily indexing. This is a perfect task for the receptionist or office assistant to do in quieter breaks throughout the day.

For smaller-sized users simply set aside an hour each week when you do your database indexing, just like you would for clearing out your Outlook In-Box or doing your banking.

Action Connections
Did you know that when you do a new action it creates a new pathway in your brain? Think about when you are driving and you take a new shortcut – there is often an ‘aha!’ moment, a bit like putting a piece into a jigsaw – as your knowing expands. This is because new neural connections are created that allow additional nerve impulses. Connections allow for the flow of enhanced productivity – or as the saying goes you can never learn less.

A great way to improve DMS productivity skills and knowledge is to look outside your business to the wider paperless community. The Info-Organiser website, Linked-In and Facebook pages have ideas for smarter ways to be productive with Info-Organiser (and with work generally).

Our new Info-Organiser Knowledge Base is an excellent place to look for user tricks and tips, to troubleshoot FAQ’s and generally improve your overall expertise in using Info-Organiser. As there are constant updates and improvements (often suggested by our active customer base), we also email quarterly newsletters and Version Update Notes.

So what are you waiting for – Go and Get Info-Organised today.