How to keep your workplace green in 2020

Digital ewaste

As 2020 kicks off a new decade, it’s important to keep your business in touch with the current trends and values of being green in the workplace. There is a growing emphasis on utilising new ways to keep your workplace green, beyond adding a plant to your desk.

Here we will look at the key practices you can undertake to ensure your business becomes a leader in E-waste and paperless office sustainability.

Switch to Paperless Systems

One of the easiest ways to increase your positive impact on the environment is to reduce your paper use. Switching to paperless software and storing your documents electronically is the most efficient way to manage your business files. While it may not be possible to eliminate paper from your workplace completely, using paperless digital filing and sticking to recycled paper is an effective place to start.

Info-Organiser is proud to be a leader in the paperless field, helping clients to simultaneously improve their green footprint and streamline their productivity. The benefits of using Info-Organiser’s paperless digital software include:

  • Free up your floor plan to reduce relocation, rent and storage costs
  • Disaster protection that gives secure peace of mind for all
  • Safer storage of files with added layers of security permissions
  • Smart and sustainable footprint
  • Secure access to your files at any moment and from anywhere

Avoid Single Use Items

One of the easiest ways to improve your footprint is by banning single use plastics in the workplace. Smart choices here include getting refillable pens or whiteboard markers, opting for products that use cardboard packaging and encouraging employees to bring their own mugs, cutlery and Tupperware to the office. Why not make soda stream an available option as an alternative to bottled water. When your SodaStream cannisters are empty, be sure to make the most of recycling.  Mitre 10 and most supermarkets act as an exchange depository for left over cannisters.

Reduce E-Waste

Environmental practices are the new norm – becoming accessible to members of the community. Making the most of what is already available to the public is an easy way to add a little green to your workflow.

The EPA defines E-Waste as any item that uses a plug, battery or power cord. E-Waste can contain potentially hazardous materials that don’t belong in landfill. In July 2019, the Victorian Government banned all e-waste from landfill, with other states expected to follow example.

In response, Officeworks now offer a system for disposing of printer cartridges and IT equipment. Simply collect your cartridges and take them to your nearest Officeworks. Their ‘Bring IT Back’ program aims to keep old computers and accessories out of landfill. Since starting the program, Officeworks has recycled or recovered 98% of the material in devices. Desktops, laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction printers, keyboards, computer power supplies, printed circuit boards, motherboards, network cards, disks and CD drives are all included in the program.

If you are having a big IT makeover, then consider using a pick-up E-Waste service provided by businesses like Shred-X. Shred-X also provide onsite secure document disposal and lease exchangeable, lockable bins to keep at your office for all staff to use for paper and E-waste.

General Waste Management

The easiest way to reduce what your business sends to landfill is to organise general waste at the moment of disposal. Soft plastics, regular and meat composts, and paper bins are just a few extra options that can help your employees responsibly manage their waste.

Eco-Bin is a company that can assist with making the right choices with your waste. They provide bright bin designs that void confusion about what goes where. A colour coded system assigns blue to paper, yellow to mixed recycling, white to soft plastics and red to landfill. The bins come in various shapes and sizes, meaning there’s a high level of customisation to find what suits your workplace.

Lead by example

Sustainable practices are easy to implement but can be hard to stay dedicated to using. Making your workplace green in 2020 isn’t just about how many strategies you have, but the mindset of your company. Make time to encourage and train staff how to clearly follow new procedures and lead by example to encourage a sustainable ethos in the workplace.