How to get the most from Info-Organiser during lockdown

Work from Home solutions to five common remote filing problems

Problem # 1: We can’t get into the office to scan incoming mail.

WFH Solution – Get the mail redirected to a staff member’s address and use a desktop scanner to scan and file into Info-Organiser using an RDP connection. We recommend the slimline and fast AVision AV176U.

Outsource Solution – Redirect your mail to us. We will scan and upload into Info-Organiser for you.

TIP: It’s a good time to audit what mail (such as monthly invoices and statements) can be received by email instead. Set up an automated email workflow to have these emails and attachments filed to Info-Organiser using the Outlook plugin feature.

Problem # 2: People have stopped their daily routine of filing digital docs like PDFs, word and emails and info is going astray.

WFH Solution – Do a quick workflow review to avoid creating information silos on work from home computers – consider how do filing protocols need to adapt to your team working remotely?

Make a new procedure and communicate changes. Follow up in a few days to remind everyone of the changes and acknowledge their effort to correct behaviours!

TIP: Add docs to Info-Organiser Take Up folder as you go. Schedule 5-10 mins indexing each day to keep on top of the workload.

Outsource Solution – Leave docs in the Take Up folder, and we can remotely login to your Info-Organiser and index them for you.

Problem # 3: There are client files in the office that haven’t been scanned yet, and I know I’m going to need access to them soon.

WFH Solution – Now is a great time to digitise those archived files in storage. Assign this project to a team member who might have less work to do right now. Ask us for advice on how to best set this up for your business.

Outsource Solution – Use our End-to-End pickup, scan and index service to have files digitised, indexed into Info-Organiser, uploaded to your server and available remotely to your team.

Problem # 4: Indexes are being added by users that are incorrect or shouldn’t be in the system and need removing.

WFH Solution – If more people are adding files to the database, there is more chance for ‘creativity’ in File Naming and Indexing. It usually takes less than an hour to Review, Correct and Lock the Index List, and it will speed up filing and search time going forward. Ask us to show you how.

Outsource Solution – We can login remotely, clean up the ‘creative’ Indexing and lock the list to prevent ongoing errors, and increase productivity.

Problem # 5: I need more of the team to be using Info-Organiser now that they are all working remotely.

WFH Solution: To maintain your compliance in this situation, you will need to purchase more licenses. We are offering an unprecedented 50% lockdown discount of $499.00 plus GST on Info-Organiser v11 licenses for existing customers. (Limit of 5 per customer.)

Outsource Solution: Lockdown Learning Offer … Book a complimentary 30-minute training refresher session.

TIP: Visit our help desk to get a quick overview of each feature and its purpose.