How to empower your employees with an electronic filing system

How to empower your employees with digital filing

Often business owners and managers want to implement a digital or electronic filing system yet are afraid that staff will react badly to the change. We have found the opposite is true.

Using Info-Organiser for digital filing can create a culture of productivity that allows your team to do better work, which in turn creates better job satisfaction.

Four clients share their success stories

Positive digital diagnosis for doctors and staff
Tracey Commisso
Department of Gastroenterology Wollongong Hospital
“On the morning of the actual go live day I was very nervous. I imagined all kinds of resistance or problems. It was actually so easy! I did a training session for the doctors and they have been great at using it ever since. All the admin have embraced it too. The best part is now everyone, doctors and admin, can find and access client files immediately.” Read the full case study

Devoted to organised Childcare
Doug Burns, Acorn Child Care
“They (staff) were resistant at first because it does take a few more minutes out of their routine to scan and index the child’s records rather than just sticking paper in a file. However they soon saw the advantage of electronic files at the other end when it came time to find what they want again. Overall our day is definitely more efficient which allows more time to devote to program planning and delivery of a quality childcare service.” Read the full case study

Staff build smarter filing habits
Jason Costanzo, Integral Constructions
“Our building projects are all commercial or industrial large scale jobs such as schools, aged care centres, office complexes and warehouses. One recent twelve month job generated 12,000 documents. If we had to find a specific piece of paper related to that project the old filing cabinet way, it could have taken an hour or more. Now it’s searchable and available within a couple of clicks. The software is very pliable and I like how I can play around and adjust it. In a way Info-Organiser has helped us simplify the way we think about our business.”

Cannot imagine a return to paper filing
Priska Pradanti, Advantage Salary Packaging
“I joined Advantage Salary Packaging and discovered they used Info-Organiser. It only took me a couple of hours to understand how it worked. Now I cannot imagine using a paper file system. If I had to change jobs and my new employer didn’t use Info-Organiser I would make sure they got it right away!”

Seven ways Info-Organiser further empowers your people

The productivity coaches at Info-Organiser will talk with your team from the beginning to ensure the system is set up for your unique business workflow needs
• There are many standard features that can be customised to user preferences
• Ongoing training and support is provided
• If needed, we can provide a tailored User Manual for your organisation
• A user helpdesk support portal and Australian based customer service
• New version updates happen automatically
• Premium and Platinum customisation can further allow for Info-Organiser to adapt to your specific needs

Discover how easily Info-Organiser can meet your digital and electronic filing needs. Organise an online demo today.