How to easily achieve and meet filing compliance requirements

The key to successful filing compliance is consistency.

After twenty years of document management coaching for hundreds of businesses we have discovered that there is always one common theme – when there isn’t a structure everyone files differently and filing compliance suffers.

When left to create their own system, each individual user in your office will develop a unique way of filing and naming their own documents, folders and subfolders. Take the word Superannuation for example – we have seen it abbreviated and misspelled as:

  • Super
  • Super
  • SuperA
  • SA
  • Superann
  • Supperanuation
  • Superanuation

Does this sound familiar?

This causes problems when other staff need to find these documents. Your staff then need to become mind readers and make assumptions of how the document could have been filed. This problem is especially highlighted when a staff member goes on holiday or leaves the business.

It most cases and industries, this practice, (or rather a lack of practice) fails “filing compliance” standards.

Info-Organiser indexing and auto-naming conventions effectively eliminate this practice and create a system that is always consistent.

Users simply point and click the indexes they require whenever they file a document. The indexes then auto create the document name, meaning a standard file naming protocol that everyone understands.

That results in no more mistakes or users making up their own names.

Info-Organiser also allows the software administrator to make naming protocol compulsory. Users are prompted to choose pre-defined indexes before they can save a document. Further this option can be locked, meaning there is a limited number of choices made available for the user to select.

The result is fast and effective document search and retrieval, increased customer service, full filing compliance satisfaction; plus a rise in staff productivity and contentment.

What strange or original filing behaviours have you encountered at your work?