How Info-Organiser enhances customer experience in a hybrid workplace

At the heart of a digital filing culture is an ethos of care – care for information, care for your staff and care for customer service. Without exception over 20 years, we have seen in every sales enquiry that unless a business actually cares, there is no incentive to change from paper-based to digital filing.

We are seeing this play out right now in 2020, as businesses have no choice but to adopt new technology that enables staff to work from home. Agile technologies that were previously put off year after year, are now required for business success. We have clients counting their blessings that they made the choice to care for info years ago – before being forced to care.

Customer satisfaction is the unexpected result of a paperless culture

Buying decisions are driven by the motivation to either move away from pain or towards pleasure. Lack of space is still the common pain motivator for moving to a paperless office. Followed by a desire to save time looking for information.

Improving customer experience is the surprising number one unexpected result of digital filing. Here’s five ways it works:

  • Ability to email a document in real-time to a client while on the phone
  • Allows client history to be displayed in multiple options depending on who needs it – sales, customer care, accounts, HR or CEO
  • Ease of compliance results in much less paperwork for the client
  • Reduces the admin load on staff, so they can file and find legacy records faster
  • Better security results in less documents lost or needing to be recreated

Agile access to customer info with hybrid work

We are seeing more businesses adopting a hybrid model of work where staff rotate in and out of physical spaces while working at home for the remainder of the time. As this trend becomes a norm for the foreseeable future, easy access to information becomes integral to happy customer experiences, and to happy staff.

  • No-one wants to be lugging customer files from home to work. Apart from the compliance breaches, it becomes frustrating to mental and physical health.
  • Dropbox and OneDrive can only do so much. Despite the best intentions, information remains siloed and searching through ever growing folder structures become tiresome.

Only a robust and searchable company-wide database with relational indexes can solve the headaches caused by siloed customer information. Info-Organiser is the perfect agile solution in a new hybrid economy.

Customer care and the bottom line

Even in a hybrid workplace, any technology choice needs to consider return on investment. With Info-Organiser, the return is immediate. It’s in the happy smiles of your staff when they realise there is no more filing of hard-copy docs. It’s in the freeing up of space so people have room to move and do better work. It’s in the customer experience journey across your business once information become interconnected. All that adds up to less expense leaks, increases in productivity savings, and an overall positive impact on the bottom line.

All very good reasons to care.