Info-Organiser is loved by many hospital departments as a trusted and secure records management and digital filing system. Time-poor doctors, and medical staff appreciate how easy the software is to use.

Info-Organiser is a VERS compliant records management software, giving you the peace of mind of the highest government recognised compliance endorsement.

The software integrates seamlessly with even the most complex IT infrastructure of any hospital.

Use Info-Organiser for:

  • Managing HR and Payroll records
  • All Accounts Payable data, including hotkey linking to accounting software
  • Storing and Maintaining Client Files
  • Managing Supplier purchase order and delivery workflow
  • Compliant records management

We know that a hospital document load is a heavy oneā€¦

  • Digital filing can free up space you require for files
  • Save time by having documents available when you need them
  • Improve staff mindset by removing the drudge of manual filing and unnecessary refiling
  • Ensure security levels, so staff only see files they are authorised to see

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