Free Health & Aged Care Digital Records Guide

Have you had enough of?

  • Compliance sweats
  • Compactus claustrophobia
  • Filing overload

Get treatment today with Info-Organiser

Info-Organiser is by aged and health care services for digitising searchable records like

  • Client Files
  • Email workflows
  • Payroll Records
  • Compliance Archives

Info-Organiser Digital Filing Software

Digital Filing Software provides healthcare businesses with the ability to save money and space, easily achieve compliance, and makes information secure and convenient to access.

The Free Health & Aged Care Digital Records Guide will give you an overview of the options available for your business and show how to implement a robust and cost-effective solution.

Best Practice Records Management

The International Data Corporation reports that employees spend approx. 20% of the day looking for information in hard copy documents but find what they need only 50% of that time.

Healthcare Administration Services are now embracing the digital landscape of data capture and management. Digital records offer three main benefits:

  • Delivers return on investment
  • Ensures records compliance
  • Streamlines filing workflows

Other things to consider

  • The Cost of not organising your digital records management
  • Robust Records Compliance
  • Do you need a digital archiving policy?
  • How to maximise digital filing workflows
  • Hospital and Private Practice Solutions
  • Aged and Child Care Solutions
  • Forms Automation
  • VERS Record Management Compliance

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