Filing Solutions and Paper Attachment Disorder

Do you suffer from the widely spread but little known affliction known as ‘Paper Attachment Disorder’?

Attachment to a paper based filing solutions could be a sign that you are among the few that still have this infliction.

Symptoms can include:

  • Frequent paper cuts
  • Daily occurrences of lost or misplaced files
  • Long term space shortage
  • Frequent stress related to document security
  • Lost sales and deliveries
  • Backache from pushing heavy compactus shelves and trolleys
  • Frustrated staff

Indications of attachment to paper based filing systems vary by individual and are known to be: 

  • Low trust in technology
  • Overflowing P.O. Box or dread of the daily mail delivery
  • Unnatural reliance on photocopier
  • Subsequent over the top toner and paper bills
  • Stress and headaches caused by crammed inbox
  • Resistance to change

Relax! Full recovery is now possible with instant implementation of the Info-Organiser Document Management Solution.

Be prepared – the following side affects are common with treatment:

Documents are just a mouse click away

Happy and productive staff

Increased sales due to access to docs anytime, anyplace

Reduced costs in rent, staff turnover, storage fees, stationary

Increased security and compliance standards

Clarity and peace of mind

These side effects are usually experienced within one hour of treatment. If experienced we recommend you advise your suppliers, clients and acquaintances as soon as possible, so they can share in your experience!

It’s true – Info-Organiser will have you productively resourcing your files within an hour of installation.

So say goodbye to your paper based filing systems and embrace the new and efficient age of electronic filing. You will save space, find files faster and have time to do the work you like to do. The search is over with Info-Organiser.

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