Email Archiving Made Easy

Email Archiving Made Easy – how to never lose an email again…

How did we get anything done before email? Emails are a critical communication method in any business. Info-organiser Document Management has designed a simple yet powerful Outlook interface that allows for easy and fast archiving of emails.

You can archive one email at a time or select multiple emails. You can even automate the process and have Info-Organiser set to automatically archive your emails.

Finding the email you need.
Searching in Outlook is slow and frustrating. Subject lines can be misleading and spelling variations can mean the email you want isn’t retrieved.

Info-Organiser solves this by capturing all the email Meta data. Any of this data can then be used so to search for and retrieve a specific email or group of emails.

Search by user defined or email meta data or both!

Email Archiving FAQs

What versions of Outlook are supported?
We support Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010

Does Info-Organiser save attachments?
Yes, attachments are saved at the same time as the email is saved. There is even an option to view attachments as separate files by updating the attachment setting within Info-Organiser system admin.

Can the text of an email be searched?
Yes. With Info-Organiser .msg filters can be installed that allow for full text searching.

What happens to my emails once they are filed within Info-Organiser?
Info-Organiser allows for two options. You or your system administration sets the preference in the admin settings.
1. A copy of the email is taken and filed into Info-Organiser leaving the original in your inbox.
2. The email is moved directly from Outlook to Info-Organiser. This option will then delete the email from your inbox.

Will using Info-Organiser help increase the speed of my Outlook?
Yes this is another way with Info-Organiser you can believe it’s email archiving made easy for you. Keeping emails in Outlook will slow down it’s speed and performance. Moving your emails into Info-Organiser ensures your Outlook file stays light and fast.

Can I add my own indexes to emails?
Yes, you can add your own user defined indexes. This feature allows you to search for an email by either User Defined or Outlook Meta – or a combination of both. The benefit is that you have unlimited search options, which you can narrow down to the finest of details if required.

What are you email archiving experiences?