Get control of your filing with these generous Customisation Options

Digital Filing Customisation

Info-Organiser’s Standard Customisable Settings

Since every business is unique, Info-Organiser is installed with a menu of generous customisable features that you can adjust to suit your taste.

Easily configure indexes (Metadata)
User defined indexes allow you to choose how to categorise your documents. As you customise indexes to match your unique data needs, it creates your virtual ‘Data Folders’ and enables a wide variety of advanced searches.

Connect fields by relationship
Fields can be linked together for advanced searching. Let’s say you have a husband and wife with different surnames.  Info-Organiser allows you to link these names together so that searching on either partners name will bring up all files for both. A search will filter them individually as well if you tell it to.

Adjust on-screen layout
All on-screen sections are moveable and dockable. Which means you can move the sections around to create your own favourite view. Once done, Info-Organiser will remember your preferred setting. At a click you can always go back to the default view. (This is voted best loved feature by our left-handed users).

Adapt menu options for different users
Menu functions can be customised by your Administrator. The Administrator can turn Features on or off to match users and their roles.

Flexible e-mail archiving
Info-Organiser’s Outlook plug-in can be configured three different ways – to file one email at a time, file multiple emails or set up a watch folder to automate the process. You can either ‘Take a copy’ of the email (and leave the original in Outlook) or ‘Move emails directly’ as they arrive. You have total control to configure your email filing the way that suits your workflow needs.

Clever bulk importing from CSV
Files can be imported in groups via a CSV file. This is a time saving feature that enables hundreds of documents to be auto-filed and categorised in mere minutes.

Info-Organiser’s Premium Custom Options

Complement your existing business software with better document management solutions

Design your own tailored features
Ideal for clients who are looking for a ‘perfect match’ document management solution. Our team can design and add specific custom features to meet your exact workflow and best practice digital filing requirements.

Integration with forms processing
Info-Organiser can be integrated with OCR and ICR forms processing. All metadata from forms can be captured, the document auto filed, and even other programs populated using our Info-Organiser Forms plug in. Workflow is seamless, and staff become incredibly productive.

Use IO Cloud for web-based document hosting
IO Cloud is a web edition option, based in HTML 5 with a fully responsive theme that adapts to any Apple, Samsung or Windows device. All users can add, search and edit files. Deployment is simple and cost effective.