Case Study: Acorn Child Care – Using hotkeys for smarter MYOB bookkeeping and Centrelink claims workflow.

Case Study Snapshot

Doug Burns, Owner, Acorn Child Care Centre

Three years ago Doug began planning for a third child care center for Acorn. His dilemma was he knew he would have to be based at the new site initially to ensure the success of the new centre, yet he still needed ready access to all the hard copy account information locked in files in the existing center.

How to have files in two places at once?

“You see, apart from Acorn I also manage the accounts for several other business ventures and I need to be able to check and cross reference information throughout the day,” Doug explains, “So I went searching for a electronic files solution that would solve the logistics of needing my information in two places at once, and I found Info-Organiser.”

“Since 2010 we have scanned over 15,000 accounting documents.”

A hot discovery

“We use MYOB for our bookkeeping and it’s constantly open. When I read on the Info-Organiser blog that the software could hotkey from MYOB directly to a scanned document, I remember thinking – this is brilliant!”

Doug immediately rang Info-Organiser to confirm what was he was reading. A quick online demo proved to Doug that hotkey linking between Info-Organiser and MYOB using the invoice number was indeed possible. A couple of weeks later Info-Organiser was installed. “I set up the F9 key as our hotkey. Now if I’m looking at a transaction in MYOB and I want to see the actual ‘paperwork’, I press F9 which tells Info-Organiser to find the file and it appears on my screen, as simple as that.”

“I remember thinking – this is brilliant!”

A man on a paperless mission

Once Doug stated scanning his current paperwork and had the hotkey function handled, he immediately saw it would work even better if all his past records were electronic as well.

“Since 2010 we have scanned over 15,000 accounting documents. Initially we just scanned all the primary financial info like invoices, statements and bills. Then 18 months ago we began turning the secondary paperwork such as timesheets, BAS returns, bank statements and receipts into electronic files. The secondary info isn’t hot keyed but we index it with workflow tags and can still use Info-Organiser to search and find what we need in moments.”

Next, childcare records organised! 

Then Doug decided it was time to tackle the archive shed of childcare records. He was frustrated with how long it would take his staff to find a specific record among the cartons of sorted files.

“They could be an hour looking in the shed and still not find what they were after. I was imagining double this pain once we had a second Center. Apart from meeting stringent government audit requirements, Childcare records can be essential in litigation cases and we needed to have a simple and fast way of finding information.”

“First we set up the child’s Centrelink number as the hotkey link. Now we simply enter that number and all files relating to the child will appear – all enrolment forms, consent forms, vaccination records, court orders, etc.”

Overall our day is definitely more efficient…

Favourite Feature

“Definitely the hotkey function!” laugh’s Doug. “But also the change in attitude of our staff towards using Info-Organiser. They were resistant at first because it does take a few more minutes out of their routine to scan and index the child’s records rather than just sticking paper in a file. However they soon saw the advantage of electronic files at the other end when it came time to find what they want again. Now no-one has to waste time in the cold shed anymore. Overall our day is definitely more efficient which allows more time to devote to program planning and delivery of a quality childcare service.”