Australian Document Management That Speaks Your Language

7 ways you can count on Version 10… 

You can say deka, dix, dieci, shi or juu! Or you can simply say ten – whatever language you use, Version 10 translates to a new age of efficiently savvy Australian document management.

1. Classy new and updated Interface

You’ll enjoy the simple elegance of the new Outlook 2013 inspired toolbar and improved menu structure. A new ‘HOME’ button allows you to settle into your chair and move your ‘favourite’ features to one menu location for simplicity and ease.

2. Handy moveable mini toolbar

This is a Quick Access Toolbar that can be user-created and moved around on the screen (a bit like a remote control that goes with you from chair to chair).

3. Helpful tooltips

There are new pop out ‘tooltips’ for all feature icons that act as a instant help menu tour guide to jog memories and support new users.

4. Important VERS Accreditation

Version 10 is fully compliant with the Victorian Electronic Records Standards (VERS). New document classification,  improved audit trail history and a robust document notes section give you Enterprise features at a SME price point.

5. Clever Bulk Email Sending

Select and send bulk emails of different documents from within Info-Organiser to multiple email addresses in one single action. This was a feature request from a progressive and long term accounting client who uses it to email all ATO and other correspondence to her clients, saving her postage, time and stress. A full audit trail is also created.

6. New Records Management

Administrators Only feature that allows you to perform electronic document destruction within your business protocol. You can also ‘Track paper documents’ to search for and locate a paper document that is not yet scanned or electronically archived.

7. Quick ‘Drag and Drop’ for Windows Docs

You can easily drag and drop windows documents direct to smart folders to be auto-populated. You can also set ‘Take Up’ to a custom folder.

And more …

These are our top seven new features but the Version 10 improvements don’t stop there. Our developers are very proud of this release. There are some beautifully clever enhancements that you are going to really enjoy. Reactions to our beta testing have been outstanding with clients saying, “This is so cool”, “I love that!”, and “Wow, thanks – this is going to save my staff so much time!”

For Australian Document Management with over fifteen years of know-how, simply ask for Info-Organiser.

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