Are you questioning your productivity?

It’s July 2015 and time to say, Happy New Financial Year!

Were you up to midnight on 30 June with your best bottle of champers and a stash of fireworks, celebrating what a fantastic first half of the year you had?

And did you get up early on 1 July, energetic and armed with a list of business resolutions, ready to celebrate a new financial year?

Yes? Good for you!

No… Gee, if your financial year has so far been more fizzer and less sparkles, then perhaps you need a productivity rocket!

How to rocket your productivity

You know how the saying goes, if you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Think about it.

We may look like a document management software company, but mostly we are productivity coaches. Paperless. Workflow. DMS. Electronic Filing. Metadata. Security. Version Control. These are all very useful productivity tools, that are only able to be made brilliant by the people power that uses them.

We see that you are smart and that you want to change. Of course you want the brilliance, but often just don’t know how or where to start. So start with the basics.

Start with asking better questions

You’ll be amazed at how a change in thinking can bring about a change in reality.

Here’s seven favourite productivity questions designed to give you a power boost.

  1. I wonder what will surprise and delight me on the way to work today.
  2. How can I inspire and lift the attitude of my office today?
  3. What amazing people, with just the right solutions to my problems, will I discover this week?
  4. Where can I find people who have the same productivity goals as me?
  5. How can I work smarter?
  6. Who can I learn from today to get me closer to my work goals?
  7. How many ways to increase productivity will I think of by the time I go home tonight?

By now, you might even have some sweet sounding answers, and already be imagining the changes.

Have fun, and let us know how you go.