Managing hard and soft copy paperwork is time consuming, costs money, and let’s face it – gets boring!


Info-Organiser allows your Accounting practice to create a streamlined, robust and secure document management system with the flexibility to grow as you do. Even better, your staff will enjoy using the software every day.

The ATO Ruling TR 2018/2 outlines the ATO guidelines for electronic record keeping. (Replaces previous ruling TR 2005/9)

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7 Immediate ways you will benefit from using Info-Organiser in your accounting practice.

  • Convenient digital archiving of all practice accounts
  • Compliant electronic storage of all government compliance tax forms
  • Easily store bulky Corporate Registers
  • Electronic archiving of historical tax files into a powerful database engine
  • Instant retrieval of all client records from one central source
  • Eliminates the need for expensive onsite or offsite storage
  • Accountants prefer Info-Organiser as it has a powerful and superior search tool over and above other programs like Viztopia, Accountants Office and Handy software

Financial Planners

Info-Organiser is the preferred choice for financial planners who want to store and manage all their documents compliantly and efficiently. Info-Organiser offers more superior store and search features than XPlan, giving you full control of your valuable information.

Info-Organiser will electronically store these document categories and much more …

  • All customer records
  • Insurance and Superannuation Policies
  • Authorities
  • Invoices and Payment Records
  • General Correspondence
  • Fund Manager Reports
  • Latest Financial Information
  • Marketing Material

Info-Organiser supports compliance by using a standard naming convention that allows you to keep all file names consistent.  With Info-Organiser’s complete audit trail you can track the entire history of documents from when they were initially created to who has accessed them and when.

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