9 Reasons why a dedicated Document Scanner can give you more freedom than a multi-function device.

Nobody likes to wait when there is lots of work to get done, which is what can happen when you use a MFD (multi-function device) for your scanning. A dedicated document scanner that is all yours, to use alone will make your day flow better by freeing up your time and your workload. Here’s how…

1. Double sided scanning is faster and easier

Document scanners are designed to be faster, quieter and more reliable than the tiresome ‘auto reverse duplexing’ found on most MFDs.

A true duplex machine (that’s scan language for double sided) will scan both sides of the page at once and at full speed without having to turn the page over for a second pass. It will capture any text on the back page, and can be set to automatically delete blank pages.

2. Better paper handling

Frustrated by paper jams and double feeds? A quality scanner like the Avision AD280 can handle different paper sizes and weights, such as delivery dockets, invoices, cheques, etc., AND it will even scan photos, ID cards and business cards. A more versatile scanner means less angst and more productivity.

3. Scan more at once

A robust document scanner will have a minimum 50 page capacity, but several models have document feeders that can handle 100, 200 or even 500 pages, perfect for scanning large documents or an entire client file in one go.

4. Flexible sizes

Do you need a scanner at a counter or shared desk where space is limited? Perhaps you are on the road and need a portable USB powered scanner? You will find a variety of feature packed and smartly designed compact models available to suit your needs.

5. Clever scanning software

A quality document scanner includes clever time saving software that will automatically enhance and clean up the scanned image, improve legibility, reduce file sizes and much more.

6. Confidently scan more in a day

Dedicated document scanners are designed to handle a larger volume than an MFD. At just $549, the compact AV176U scanner (pictured) is rated at 1,000 pages/day.  There are larger models that will handle 100,000 pages/day.

7. Improved Security

When you have confidential documents they can be scanned at your desk instead of you having to guard a shared device. For greater security you can configure the files to send direct to Info-Organiser.

8. Productive workflow

Do you like waiting to duck in to scan on a shared device between print jobs, changing settings, and clearing paper jams?  It’s so much easier to prepare documents at your own work space without interruption and keep files in order, especially for large batches of documents.

9. Value for money

Our entry level scanners will scan 20 to 30 pages/minute in true duplex colour and start just $499.00. So why queue at an MFP when you can have the convenience of a compact scanner within your reach today?

*prices and models shown in this article are subject to change so please check with us for current specials on dedicated document scanners.