3 ways to remove repetitive work with Info-Organiser

automated email filing

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work forever. Work from home and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. A failure to adapt can all too quickly be reflected in lost sales or higher staff turnover, quickly affecting the bottom line of a business. Now is the perfect time to be innovative and find ways to increase productivity. An easy place to start is by removing repetitive work.

Here’s three ways document management software can help your business adapt fast.

1. Invoice processing

How it works

Info-Organiser can be easily integrated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) forms processing software.

As the form is scanned, all metadata such as invoice number, customer name, total amount and date can be read and captured by the software. From there it is a simple check and click to file the document.

Forms processing

How to take it to the next level with auto-filing

Using Advanced Form Processing, auto-filing settings can be customised to remove the check and click step. Even other windows-based programs can be auto-populated using our Info-Organiser Forms plug in. Workflow is seamless, and staff become incredibly productive.

To learn more about Advanced Form Processing read this blog https://www.info-organiser.com.au/simple-invoice-processing-software/


  • Allows you to free up staff for other work
  • Increases processing time
  • Can add better control of working capital

2. Automate email workflow

Most businesses use email for the bulk of daily work. t makes sense to automate your inbox and outbox with intelligent workflows.

How it works

Info-Organiser’s Outlook plug-in can be configured three different ways. With one click you can:

  1. File one email at a time
  2. File multiple emails or
  3. Set up a watch folder to automate the process.

You can either ‘Take a copy’ of the email (and leave the original in Outlook) or ‘Move emails directly’ as they arrive in your inbox. You have total control to configure your email filing the way that suits your workflow needs.

How to take it to the next level with filing rules

Add automated workflow rules to this process. In Info-Organiser V12 you can add custom configurations that read the subject line of your emails and autofile them into the software with predefined indexes.


  • Guarantees compliance and security of client data
  • Gives team access to emails that relate to client files, staff files, projects, accounts, etc instead of them being siloed in one inbox
  • Allows emails to become part of a tailored search for all client docs or date range search
  • Reduces data in Outlook so it can work better and faster

3. Paperless Approval Processes

How it works

With the necessity of work-from-home and hybrid workplaces, approval processes can become tedious and overly complicated. Not to mention the unintentional privacy breaches that so can easily occur if documents are sent by email or via an unsecure online transfer.

Approval rules can be applied in Info-Organiser enabling docs to be checked out and back in with the necessary approval. Security levels can be set so that only designated users can access and approve files.


  • Increases approval turnaround time
  • Ensures compliance and privacy
  • Adds a layer of security
  • Saves time and money by removing the need to print, approve and rescan

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