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Q & A Time

What is electronic filing?

Any questions?

As you learn more about document management and electronic filing it often leads to having even more questions. We have featured the most often asked questions below…

With over 14 years of experience in document management and electric filing you can be assured that customisation is one of strengths.
We can customise any of the IO products using the smart configuration features already existing with the IO System Admin Tools.
Or we can write special features into the program to accommodate your needs, which we have done for many customers. You’ll be able to see some of these in action during an online demo.
Like anything, you will find both naysayers and advocates of the paperless dream. A paperless office is about using less paper but it is also so much more; it involves thinking about all the digital files, records, images, PDFs and even movies that you accumulate and access everyday.
As the world continues to move towards improvements in screen size, scanner speeds, online transactions and cloud based file sharing the paperless office is actually more achievable and desirable than ever. More and more people are realising that electronic filing and online document management is actually,
a) easier and more enjoyable than manual filing
b) far more productive when you need to find information
c) an effective solution to free up space

– If you are a healthcare provider or financial planner, compliance becomes worry free.
– If you are an accountant or lawyer, keeping tabs of complex clients cases become easy.
– If you are in project management, manufacturing or wholesaling, ensuring that your team has quick and easy access to your information when they need it could assist you to resolve an pending issue before it becomes troublesome or result in you securing a make or break deal ahead of your competitors.

Congratulations, simply asking the question means it’s never too late! You will join with the thousands of individuals who like you, used to believe it would be too hard to change to a electronic filing solution. They now wish they had made the shift to electronic filing years ago. You can discover how they made the change by reading their case studies – click here.
Info-Organiser products are licensed on a concurrent user basis, eg: If you choose an Info-Organiser 5 user license our system will allow up to 5 simultaneous to access at any one time. You can have Info-Organiser desktop installed on more than 5 computer computers, however if the 6th user tries to access then a warning message will appear letting the user know that the license has been exceeded. If you decide you need to add another user, your Licensing contract can be updated in minutes.
You really will be! You will receive up to an hour of training and within that hour you will be scanning, indexing and filing like a paperless office professional! (All you need to do is ensure that you have your hardware and internet connection set up correctly prior to installation). Plus our yearly I-Care support service covers email and telephone software support to give you increased responsiveness, value and peace of mind. It also includes all ongoing software upgrades, ensuring your business continues to benefit from any new and improved features. On-site technical support is also available when you require it at our normal hourly rate.
For fast and convenient scanning, we recommend a high speed document auto-feed scanner, available in a range of models to suit every budget and scanning workload. Network scanners can centralise your scanning process and remove the need for a separate small scanner on every desk. With over 12 years of experience in scanning we can quickly point you in the right direction. Click here to read our handy ‘Smile while you Scan Tips’.
We also recommend for an all Australian provider of office document scanners.
Yes, Info-Organiser is compatible with all Windows based accounting products such as MYOB and Quickbooks. Using the unique i-link hotkeys feature can link a stored file to any field in any windows based application. Simply highlight the field, click, and the document is retrieved instantly. When Doug Burns at Acorn Child Care discovered this feature he thought it was brilliant.  Read the Acorn Child Care case study to learn how he uses Info-Organiser for paperless bookkeeping.
As a means to minimise the use of paper documents, the Federal and State Governments are now actively encouraging the use of electronic document storage and retrieval. A good example of this is the ´Victorian Government´s Electronic Records Strategy (VERS). Info-Organiser is currently awaiting VERS certification.
Info-Organiser meets the standards set by the Australian Tax Office as outlined in ATO ruling TR2005/9. This ruling allows you to dispose of tax paper work once you have your documentation electronically filed.
View and download the ATO´s ruling.
Yes, Info-Organiser provides a handy Outlook plug-in to move e-mails from Outlook into Info-Organiser. Once the e-mail is within the Info-Organiser database, you can search and retrieve all the associated metadata relating to the e-mail. eg: search by date, subject or content within the body of any e-mail. You can even search for content within email attachments.
Read the Integral Constructions Case Study to learn about how they use Info-Organiser for e-mail archiving.
When your Info-Organiser Solution is installed we can configure data back up and protection procedures and disaster planning solutions for your business. All Info-Organiser data is stored in one convenient file enabling simple backup routines to offsite servers or into the cloud. Your files are now safer and easy to recover from threats such as fire, flood and theft than they were as paper files.
File’s are actually more secure in Info-Organiser. Sophisticated but easy to use security enables you to selectively choose who has access to sensitive information. Security Groups can be set up to gain and restrict access. Security logs provide detailed access reports. We can also recommend and configure firewall software. With a robust back up procedure your documents will actually be safer from theft, fire and flood than ever before.
IO Cloud and IO Desktop can be deployed together as a perfect solution when you have people who require remote access to documents.  If you want to install IO Cloud onto your own server this will need to be configured internally on your network and requires IIS and MS SQL Server 2008 or above. Our support team can assist with this set up as needed.
Yes.  IO Cloud is responsive design and will works on Apple, Samsung Galaxy and Windows 8 devices. Learn more about IO Cloud here.
Yes. Info-Organiser can be deployed in Terminal Services and Citrix environments. We can even provide you an MSI for deployment to make the install process simple.

More questions?

We are here to help, simply contact us to ask your questions.