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Find. Your way...

Everyday Workflow Simply Handled

Fact: 7.5% of all documents get lost. 3% of the remainder get misfiled.
Coopers & Lybrand (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Are you looking for a document management solution that can save you time and increase productivity?

Now you can streamline all those everyday tasks that you would rather not have to think about, such as …
  • Email Archiving
  • Forms Processing
  • Compliance
  • Workflow
Find … Your way!

The key to finding what you want right now, is in the way Info-Organiser harnesses information. The software is flexible and adaptable to your business information needs. Options include:

a. Ability to define and custom your own unique index structure
b. Add document work queue wit document preview screen
c. Bulk adding and indexing via a CSV file
d. Indexing serves to give you control over how you use your information.

How Indexing gives you increased productivity:

  • Tag documents for searching later by index metadata
  • Ensure a uniform File Name to meet compliance standards
  • Create uniform dropdown index fields to remove typos’, file misnaming and other inconsistencies
  • Allows you to instantly change the way you arrange your files by using our unique Data View to assemble virtual folders – for example, you can sort and view folders by name, date, date range, category, or a combination of these – all in a simple click.
Info-Organiser will soon be your best office assistant
If the time involved in running a business is actually slowing your business down, you can rely on Info-Organiser to give you the ‘how-to’ tools to tick all the right boxes.

Compliance – can ‘red flag’ and provide one click access to protocol documents, and produce simple audit trials and reports

Email archiving – allows fast, automated email filing direct from Outlook toolbar

Forms processing – removes repetitive data entry with software that reads your standard forms and auto fills the data into Info-Organiser

Workflow – assists you to identify and understand your progressive workflow tasks and then clarify the most efficient way to harness, connect and resource your business information


Organise a free demo today and you’ll discover that the search to tick all the boxes is over for you too.

Discover how Justin at Integral Construction handled his overwhelming document load with Info-Organiser…”