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How Justin found the Holy Grail while searching for email archiving.

Have you ever heard the story or seen a movie about the Holy Grail? To recap, many years ago Arthur sent the Knights of the Round Table on a quest to search for the Grail. The Knights split in all directions to find the mythic wastelands and castle, where the Grail was said to be guarded by the Fisher King, whose deep wounds would not heal and whose lands would not flourish until the Grail was recovered.

The Knights faced endless challenges and many perished seeking the ultimate self-realisation promised by obtaining the Holy Grail.

Fortunately the quest for the perfect document management solution for your projects is not as long or as perilous.

Imagine you were to make a modern day blockbuster movie titled ‘Project Grail’. This is how it would be cast:

Grail:  The Project (something like finishing the NBN!)

Knight:  You (or perhaps Russell Crowe as a top NBN manager?)

Fisher King:  The Client (Geoffrey Rush as the PM?)

Plot:  The well being and prosperity of the client will be ensured upon your successful navigation through the wasteland of email communications, heads of agreements, permit applications, authority forms, warranties, photos, Excel spread sheets, PowerPoint presentation, invoices, receipts and timesheets – to deliver a successful result.

Yet there is one important and overlooked character missing from the movie. The Knight’s Horse of course! The mighty beast that faithfully and tirelessly carries you (or Russell) through the wasteland to success.

By now you’ll have figured out that in this movie the horse is Info-Organiser, always quietly working to manage your documents, reduce your stress and facilitate your success.

If you have also strived to complete a project on time and to budget, while managing the immense document load the project carries, then you need Info-Organiser too.

This was exactly the challenge faced by Justin Costanzo at Integral Constructions. Initially Justin was seeking a solution for the heavy email filing task not being met by Outlook or his homemade excel spread sheet system. When he found Info-Organiser, self-realisation did occur as he uncovered all the other document management problems the software would solve for his projects and his business. Read Justin’s story.

Info-Organiser is expert at ...

Info-Organiser meets your paperless projects needs by:

  • Giving instant access to all records by everyone who is working on the project at any time
  • Allowing full transparency in the client-project relationship
  • Removing the need for carting around archive boxes of files
  • Solving the problem of storage of boxes onsite once the project is complete
  • Making day to day management of the project easy and seem less between the project team
  • Ensuring all received and sent emails and other communications are all in one place and easily cross referenced
  • Using hotkey linking to your accounting package to manage bookkeeping and budgeting needs, (click to read more about paperless bookkeeping.)
Talk to us about customising a paperless projects office solution for your project or book online to organise a free 30 minute demo today.

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