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Thanks to paperless payroll, Marie now has time to enjoy her hazelnut coffee …

Marie is the payroll officer at a large national stationary company based in Sydney. She needs to find the leave application form Nora Jones gave her a fortnight ago. Nora (who actually works in the Albury branch office), thinks she has mistakenly filled in the wrong dates but she didn’t keep a copy for herself so she can’t be sure.

Marie shudders as she remembers just a few months ago, before paperless payroll, how time consuming this kind of request would be. First she’d have had to check the pending tray to see if the leave application had been processed by her assistant Max (it’s Max’s rostered day off so he’s not there to do it). If it wasn’t there then she would have to email or call Nora’s manager to see if she had signed off on the leave dates.

Then if the document had already been signed off and returned in the interoffice mail system she would need to go to the large archive room, find the right row in the shelving and retrieve the form from Nora’s thick employment file. (After eight years with the company, Nora’s file was pretty big). Fingers crossed she would hope that Max had put it in Nora Jones file and not in Nora Jane’s file or Nina Jones file (which has happened before).

Once she had the form, Marie would then fax it to Nora to confirm if the dates are correct or not. Then Marie would say a little prayer that the dates were ok so that the form could go back to Max for refilling. Otherwise Nora would need to do a whole new leave application form and get it signed off all over again!

Fortunately now that Marie has implemented a paperless payroll, that painstaking work is over. Marie smiles as she clicks on the desktop icon that quickly opens Info-Organiser and she enters her secure login and password. Within one minute she has typed ‘Nora Jones leave application’ into the search screen and clicked on the document to confirm that’s it’s the right one in the handy preview screen.

Marie ‘checks it out’ to her work in progress file and emails it to Nora without having to even open the file. If Nora does need to reapply for new dates, Marie knows she can email the new document link direct to Nora’s manager for approval. Once approved Max will simply change the Document Reference Index from pending to approved. He can also make a digital file annotation that this new form replaces the previous request.

Paperless payroll

Marie checks the time and smiles again, that done she can take an early coffee break. After she had the companies ten years of payroll records electronically archived and the files moved to offsite storage, she organised to have the squashed staff room expanded into the old archives room and a new espresso machine installed. She is looking forward to trying the hazelnut coffee blend today.

Info-Organiser is expert at ...

This simple tale of overcoming the frustration of
paper based filing with the increased efficiency
of an electronic filing system can be true for you too.

Info-Organiser is expert at assisting payroll officers like Marie to implement paperless office filing systems in Payroll and HR departments.

All Payroll departments have traditionally struggled with the amount of filing space required to maintain their compliance requirements, and the time it takes to file, retrieve and re-file information.

Info-Organiser has supported organisations such as hospitals, not for profits, construction companies, accountants, financial services, and retailers to easily and smartly harness, connect and resource their payroll and HR records.

Talk to us about customising a paperless office solution for your payroll records today or book online to organise a free 30 minute demo today.

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