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Paperless Office Filing

Announcing New Diagnosis – The Main Cause for Resistance to Electronic Archiving is ‘Paper Attachment Disorder’.

Symptoms of ‘Paper Attachment Disorder’ vary by individual and are known to be:

  • A misplaced low trust in computer technology
  • Unnatural reliance on photocopier and toner stocks
  • Abnormal risk taking with high chance of losing information from fire, flood or theft
  • Frequent paper cuts incurred searching through archive files
  • Daily bouts of annoyance caused by lost or misplaced files
  • Ears ringing from staff complaints about space shortage
  • Backache caused by pushing heavy compactus shelves and trolleys
  • Low productivity and requests for sick leave from frustrated and overworked staff

Fortunately full recovery is now possible with instant implementation of Info-Organiser Document Management Solution.

Warning – the following side effects are commonly experienced within one hour of a paperless treatment:

Happy and productive staff who deliver exceptional customer service

Increased sales due to instant everywhere access to your docs

Clearer workflow systems

Reduced costs in rent, storage, stationary and photocopying

Peace of mind from effective document security

Easily achieving compliance standards

If you experience any of these, we recommend you advise your suppliers, clients and acquaintances as soon as possible, so they can share in your experience!

Info-Organiser will have you productively resourcing your information within one hour of installation and setup.

Talk to us about customising a paperless office solution for your archives or book online to organise a free 30 minute demo today.


How other businesses use Info-Organiser for electronic archiving:

  • The business had grown to the point where we had a room full of archive boxes and if we needed to go back through a client’s box to find warranty information or to verify past landscaping works, it would take so long to find what we wanted. That was very frustrating. We save so much time now since we are no longer spending hours and hours physically searching for records. Before we had an old style ‘print and file’ paper based system. When you think about the time that system takes – waiting for the printer, then finding the file, placing the paper inside, putting the file away again – and repeating it for the next piece of paper a week later; you realise how inefficient it really is.

    Interface Landscapes Annamieke Wilds, Administration and Accounts Manager
    Interface Landscapes
  • Thank you for your prompt and diligent service with the installation of Info-Organiser and the scanning of our backlog files. We are very pleased with the system and what we are now able to achieve in our new office. This system has enabled us to drastically reduce our file space and at the same time improve our office efficiency with instant access to our patient files from anywhere in the office.  The scanning of the backlog files for the past 10 years has given us extra space in our new offices that we really appreciate as now we have nil cost for document storage. We would recommend Info-Organiser to any other doctors who suffer from document storage overload and its associated problems of recall.

    Dr Geoff Askin Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Dr Geoff Askin
  • We don’t do anything by half so we fully committed to electronic filing by having all our client files archived. Our 40 filing cabinets filled 250 archive boxes! The files were all scanned and indexed and put into storage, just in case, but we have never had to access them. The filing cabinets were moved out which gave our staff more space. Since then we have acquired other financial planning businesses and merged them with Dunsford, we’ve always followed the same system and had all those files scanned as well. Just imagine, we would have a whole floor of files by now otherwise!

    Dunsford Financial Planning Anthony Donnellan, Managing Partner and Senior Financial Planner
    Dunsford Financial Planning
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