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Paperless office bookkeeping and accounts

Tortoise vs Hare – What is your approach to handling your accounting?

Remember how steady Tortoise defeats fast Hare in a race through the woods? Hare thinks that he has the race in the bag and speeds ahead with a seeming advantage. Near the finish Hare (who still thinks his way is best), stops for a nap. He awakes some time later, to find that Tortoise, who all the while has plodded steadily along, is crossing the finish line and is the winner!

Sometimes it is also tempting to take what seems like the fast track (but actually isn’t), when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting paperwork.

Think about your regular invoice filing and processing systems. Do any of these hare-like behaviours sound familiar?

• Leave it to the last possible moment (like the day before your BAS is due).
• Wait until you can’t fit anymore into your ‘to enter’ box, then power through the pile in a day.

• Diligently process every invoice (but put off doing the manual filing), then end up sifting through full trays or boxes looking for that one piece of paper.
• Manually file all your paperwork yet time after time, end up searching through the same folders and cabinets to sort out mistakes or to handle customer enquiries.

We understand that your plan is to be steady and diligent with your paperwork, but in reality, with the day to day needs of your business, you simply don’t have the staff or enough time to do it right.

That’s why paperless accounting software like Info-Organiser is a new and better way to win the document management race…

Info-Organiser is expert at ...

Info-Organiser lets you harness the best of both the speed of Hare combined with the steady reliability of Tortoise. Here’s how:

Step 1: Scan your invoices with a high speed document scanner

Step 1 Scan
Step 2: Process using the OCR Module
The invoice fields (name, invoice number, date, etc) can be preset as a template to match your Info-Organiser index structure. The Info-Organiser team can set up your template in a few minutes.
Over time processing becomes even faster as you ‘train’ the system to remember what is has to do the next time you process the same kind of document.

Step 3: The documents are processed, during which the relevant data is found and captured as in the image below.

Step 3 Process
Step 4: The data saves and exports to Info-Organiser, auto-filling the matching indexes.

Step 4 Save

Now the documents, (along with the predefined ‘Meta data’) are ready to be quickly checked over if needed and archived into Info-Organiser.

Using invoice processing will dramatically speed up the filing of your Invoices, Delivery Dockets, Remittance Advices and more; saving you hours each week in filing, searching for and resourcing your bookkeeping documents.

Plus you can even hotkey an index, such as Invoice Number direct to your accounting software for even more efficient resourcing of you files – read how Colin at Acorn Child Care uses the Info-Organiser iLink hotkey with MYOB here…

Talk to us about creating a paperless accounting and bookkeeping solution for your business or book online to organise a free 30 minute demo today.

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