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Free your space

A Smart Operational Decision

Fact: An average company generates or receives 100 important paper docs per day. It costs $20 to manually file a document, $120 to find a misfiled document, and $220 to reproduce a lost document.
Coopers & Lybrand (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Is lack of space becoming an issue?

The smartest way to solve the problem forever is with electronic filing software like Info-Organiser.

An electronic filing solution uses a fast document scanner to cleverly harness all your paper into searchable pdfs.  These images are easily tagged with pre-set indexes that relate to your workflow system. Examples of Indexes are; Client Name, Document Type, Project, Date – the options are flexible and entirely customised to your business.

Plus all your existing computer files can be stored in Info-Organiser too. That includes:

  • All e-mails, including attachments
  • All word, excel, powerpoint, publisher, etc docs
  • All pdf downloads
  • All bookkeeping info – invoices, statemetns, bills, receipts
  • All distribution records – shipping records, purchase orders, warehouse dockets
  • All audio and video files such as memos, digital notes, podcasts, webinar files, YouTube links

The great advantage gained by electronic filing in Info-Organiser, is finding what you need becomes almost instant. No more hauling heavy files, suffering paper cuts flicking through folders or keeping extensive spread sheets of box numbers and their contents.

You’ll discover that all your info truly is organised, at your fingertips and easily resourced by everyone in the office.

Organise a free demo today and you’ll discover that the search for electronic filing is over for you too.

Learn how Anthony at Dunsford Financial Planning took the leap into electronic filing…”