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Electronic bookkeeping is easy with I-Link

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The Advantages of Info-Organiser I-Link Function for electronic bookkeeping and electronic filing.

The I-Link function allows you to create a document hotkey link in any window based program. This link creates a smart electronic bookkeeping shortcut that will take you straight back to the document within Info-Organiser.

The I-Link is visible as IRL:// as per screen below:







For example, using electronic bookkeeping you can link a supplier source document to a MYOB purchase. If this is a regular action then a one touch ‘hot key’ can be assigned to easily activate the link and display the document:








Using I-Link is simple and easy:

Here some ways that our clients have used the I-Link Function:

  • Linking document to accounting software such as MYOB and QuickBooks
  • Linking documents from Excel Spreadsheets
  • Linking documents from Applications such as ACT!, Access Databases, Client Management Databases

I-Link FAQ’s

Can I set up my own ‘hot keys’?

Yes, the hot key is user definable.

Does I-Link work on web applications?

Yes, as long as you can highlight the link and activate your hot key, I-Link will return and display the document for you.

Can you link any type of document?

Yes, Info-organiser will store all windows based files. For example, you can store an e-mail with Info-Organiser and then create an I-Link within another program, like ACT! or Word. The I-Link will return and display the e-mail stored including the attachment if the email has one.


There are many other ways to use I-Link. Once you start using it your will see all the unlimited possibilities. Many Info-Organiser users tell us it is their favourite feature. Do you need a refresh training session? Let us know and we can schedule one for you or any of your staff.

About Harry Baruhas

As the Managing Director of Info-Organiser Solutions, Harry has been pioneering in the field of electronic document management for over ten years and is dedicated to increasing productivity with information and knowledge management. "I believe in this era where knowledge is king that we have a responsibility to be connected to that knowledge in the most effective, efficient and productive way possible."

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