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Find it Fast

Fact: Employees performing ineffective searches and wasting time looking for information can cost up to 10% in salary expenses.
Butler Group, 2006

By far the most used feature of electronic archiving is the Search tool.
The ability to quickly search and immediately find electronic documents is what makes using an electronic archiving system like Info-Organiser so worthwhile. This is where you experience true return on investment.
Using Info-Organiser’s  powerful search engines you can

  • Find and retrieve documents in seconds.
  • Drill into, narrow or widen your search to quickly build your own search criteria.
  • Use the document preview screen to easily scroll and spot the exact document you are after.
  • Search on indexes, metadata, file types, content or any combination of these.
  • Save your favorite and most commonly used search queries.
  • Use clever full text searching within documents.

a. Search all archived emails

b. Search all data capture in the file meta data, on all file types

c. Edit properties via the search results

d. Search by data ranges

e. Documents can be emailed, saved/exported and reports can be performed all via the search window

Since 2010, Doug at Acorn Child Care has used electronic archiving for filing over 15,000 documents within Info-Organiser. Learn how in this case study…”