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IO Integrated

Why waste time and money developing your own document management API functionality – when you can easily integrate ours?

Perhaps you have realised that for your business to operate at peak efficiency, smart document management must be an integral part of your entire business process and data management environment.

Advantages of IO Integrated

Relax, you can have the ultimate streamlining of your workflow and business process with Info-Organiser’s fully integrated customised Application Interface (API) solution.

IO Integrated is…

Fully customisable to Australian needs
Easy to implement and learn
Flexible for both multiple and single users
Adaptable to solve both server based and cloud hosted needs

document management api

The three pillars of integrated document management:


  1. Secure API functions
    Our Windows communication application interface (API) functions, allow third party applications to be enabled with document management. Such functions include the ability to add, download, manage and access files and folders – all while maintaining security and integrity.
  2. Fully featured search interface
    A clever search interface leverages Info-Organiser’s fast and flexible searching capabilities, making the same reporting and exporting capabilities in Info-Organiser also available via the API.
  3. Flexible development options
    Because the API supports both .NET and ActiveX environments, integration is possible using a range of development tools including Visual Basic, C++ and InterDev version 6, Visual Studio .NET, i.e. VB.NET, C## and ASP.NET, Delphi and any other development tool or language that supports ActiveX or the .NET framework.


Why you would choose IO Integrated?

IO Integrated is the best choice when you:

  • Need to match your existing custom software with advanced document management functions
  • Want the advantages of a fully featured API, already built and ready to implement
  • Seek to leverage off the document management features provided by IO Cloud and IO Desktop
Organise a free demo today and you’ll discover that the search for the ultimate integrated document management solution is over for you too.