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Leverage the power of complete electronic document management installed on your hard drive or server and connected to every desktop in your network.

Advantages of IO Desktop

Info-Organiser Desktop employs the latest advances in electronic filing technology for feature rich yet user friendly document management software.
Advantages of Info-Organiser Desktop
IO Desktop is…
Fully customisable to Australian needs
Easy to implement and learn
Flexible for both multiple and single users


Australian DMS IO Desktop3 Essential Stages of Document Management:
Harness, Connect and Resource all your documents
at your desk




  • Smart ‘drag and drop’ function for instant server based filing
  • Add documents directly from Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Integrate a Forms Processing solution
  • Robust document management features including custom indexes, document preview and advanced search options


  • Use local, remote or terminal services to connect to your server
  • Store and share documents with your customers, colleagues, branches and more
  • Fully supported by friendly Australian based staff and technicians
  • Annual support includes priority response times and instant upgrades


  • Fully Australia based hosting that fulfils all ATO compliance requirements
  • Security settings and reports including track versions
  • Check files in and out with system alerts
  • Real time sharing, means instant access to information by all team members
Where to use IO Desktop?

Every office environment that wants information right here, right now can benefit from IO Desktop, especially:

In high admin areas with automated invoice and forms processing functions

When used in partnership with your accounting or CRM software

If email archiving is an essential workflow practice

For organisations that have more than one business area and require multiple
Info-Organiser databases
Why you would choose IO Desktop?

IO Desktop is your best choice when you…

  • Have an existing and robust server network
  • Can utilise your own onsite IT staff or contractors
  • If internet access has limited or slow speeds in your area
  • Your daily workflow requires additional ‘Admininstration Rights‘
  • For enhanced and complex security level settings
  • Where you need automated forms processing functions or networked scanners
  • However, if you prefer to access your files in the cloud, then IO Cloud is a better choice for you
Ten ways IO Desktop delivers complete document management

  1. Enhanced control from virtual data-driven folders
    In the past electronic filing was based on an inflexible linear Explorer based structure. With Data-driven folders you are able to sort and find in multiple views plus browse the dynamics and relationships between all your information.
  2. Drag and Drop files.
    Drag files directly from your desktop or computer file and drop into Info-Organiser. Index them then or there or leave in a pending folder to go back to later.
  3. Document preview pane
    Radically saves you time when searching by giving you a preview the document first without having to open it.
  4. Advanced search engine
    Easily widen or narrow your search by an infinite amount of possibilities to find documents faster than ever before plus save your most frequent or complex searches as favourites.
  5. Linked searching
    Links names together so when you search for one person it can find other files related to that person. Perfect for husband and wife searches particularly when they use different surnames.
  6. Easy e-mail archiving
    Use the one click Outlook plug in button to file single or multiple e-mails, including attachments with the ability to do text searching within attachments.
  7. Customisable your own layout
    Easily drag and move each section to lay out the document view and index boxes the way you like it to suit your screen size and your desk layout – perfect for left handed users.
  8. Convenient multi-tasking window
    You can watch and even cancel tasks you have automated (like search or auto-index) while still doing new tasks (like email filing).
  9. Multi-user networking platform
    Allows all staff to access a document simultaneously, from any location, check out and check in files.
  10. Create group and user security levels
    Create public and private sections for your documents. Allow or restrict access levels and function by groups, by users and by documents.

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Organise a free demo today and you’ll discover that the search for complete document management is over for you too.