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The Search is Over

Your workflow will be humming when you learn how to Harness, Connect and Resource all your documents with Info-Organiser…

Our document management promise: Once configured – you will be productively resourcing your information in less than one hour of installation and set up.


Here’s 7 ways the search is over with Info-Organiser…

  • Customised

    Standard, Premium or Platimum custom levels offer you 100% fit to meet your unique workflow needs. Info-Organsier is Australia’s custom dms expert.

  • Info-Organiser Document Management Software
  • Easy to use

    Smart ‘Drag and Drop’ function and document preview screen
    encourages fast filing and file management between all users.

  • Flexible

    Easily change screen layouts to suit your workflow, adapt to left handed or wide screens, change colour schemes, add or remove indexes.

  • Infinite Search

    Create one or thousands of search queries so you can widen or narrow your search by an infinite amount of possibilities to easily manage your info, no matter how big your datafile is.

  • Security

    You have total control to allow or restrict access levels and filing function by groups, by users and by documents.

  • Full support

    Workflow planning, implementation and set up advice from our document management experts ensures you are productive from the first hour of the first day.

  • Australian

    Australia’s document management filing compliance experts, we understand your  business best practice needs.

Info-Organiser offers four document management products – simply choose your perfect fit:

IO Desktop
Leverage the power of complete document management on your hard drive or server…
IO Cloud
Resource your docs cleverly and securely and connect to them from everywhere from desk or device…
IO Forms
Forms processing is the better, smarter way to harness data from paper …
IO Integrated
Integrate document management into your own software with a fully featured API solution…