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Everywhere Access

Connect the docs

Do you value the power of organised information?

File sharing third party apps have become very popular in the last few years but are limited in their depth and functionality. What happens when you need to actually run your business professionally?

If you need a solution that provides a big picture, connecting you to all your information – plus combines robust document management features with everyday affordability then Info-Organiser Cloud is the perfect option.

Info-Organiser Cloud is an easy and accessible document management solution packed with the reliable features of IO Desktop. Learn More…

IO Cloud is your best choice if you:

  • Seek a monthly affordable document management solution suited to your cash flow
  • Lack the space for an onsite server
  • Prefer to utilise our expertise rather than employ an onsite IT specialist
  • Value the flexibility and efficiency of an ‘in the cloud’ work environment
  • Simply want to know your data is always safely backed up at a remote location

Clever responsive design is incorporated into IO Cloud and enables the software to adapt the screen layout to any device for truly productive management of all your information, instantly.

Organise a free demo today and you’ll discover that the search for easy document management is over for you too.