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How to easily achieve and meet filing compliance requirements

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The key to successful filing compliance is consistency.

After twelve years of document management coaching for hundreds of businesses we have discovered that there is always one common theme – when there isn’t a structure everyone files differently and filing compliance suffers.

When left to create their own system, each individual user in your office will develop a unique way of filing and naming their own documents, folders and subfolders. Take the word Superannuation for example – we have seen it abbreviated and misspelled as:

  • Super
  • Super
  • SuperA
  • SA
  • Superann
  • Supperanuation
  • Superanuation

Does this sound familiar?

This causes problems when other staff need to find these documents. Your staff then need to become mind readers and make assumptions of how the document could have been filed. This problem is especially highlighted when a staff member goes on holiday or leaves the business.

It most cases and industries, this practice, (or rather a lack of practice) fails “filing compliance” standards.

Info-Organiser indexing and auto-naming conventions effectively eliminate this practice and create a system that is always consistent.

Users simply point and click the indexes they require whenever they file a document. The indexes then auto create the document name, meaning a standard file naming protocol that everyone understands.

That results in no more mistakes or users making up their own names.

Info-Organiser also allows the software administrator to make naming protocol compulsory. Users are prompted to choose pre-defined indexes before they can save a document. Further this option can be locked, meaning there is a limited number of choices made available for the user to select.

The result is fast and effective document search and retrieval, increased customer service, full filing compliance satisfaction; plus a rise in staff productivity and contentment.

What strange or original filing behaviours have you encountered at your work?

7 Document Scanning Tips

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Smile While You Scan – Seven steps for happier document scanning

The frustrating early days of slow flatbed scanning and paper jams are over forever with these document scanning tips. It’s time to retire your photocopier, recycle your fax machine and ditch your stapler – document scanning is now faster, easier and here to stay!

Your seven steps to document scanning success.

1. Smile while you Scan

Pat yourself on the back as you think about the money, time, space and paper you are saving with every scanned file.

2. Use scanner friendly stationary

Donate staplers to charity – use paperclips and bulldog clips

Remove all dark highlighters and only use light coloured highlighters

Stop putting post-it notes on paper, they jam in scanners

Get good quality staple removers for everyone in the office, (for all the stapled docs from those not yet initiated into your scanner friendly world)

3. Invest in hard wearing hardware!

Upgrade your document scanners and scanning software to increase speed and efficiency. Today’s document scanners are sleek, affordable and easy to drive!

To ensure fast scanning at high resolutions, install extra memory in your older computers.

For continued quality scanning, change your scanner parts yearly (or more frequently depending on use). Info-Organiser can source scanners and scanner consumables. Consult your user manual for more cleaning tips. Most manuals can be found online using Google.

4. Systems are sexy!

Nothing makes an office purr better than an efficient system. Decide on a regular scanning system – who, when and where – then keep to it.

  • Schedule regular system and software training for staff and new staff.
  • During high document scanning periods (eg: end of month, tax times, yearly archiving), consider using a temp agency or casual staff (uni students are great), to help lighten the load. Book ahead for the same temp whenever possible.
  • Invest in a paper shredder or set up a secure document destruction account with a reputable company.
  • Encourage your suppliers and clients to support your new systems by becoming paper free as well.

5. BACKUP your scanning

The last thing you want to do is re-scan hours of work due to your computer crashing unexpectedly.  So … set up a secure file backup system for all your files and do it today!  (Talk to Info-Organiser or to your IT company to discuss your best options).

Do you keep forgetting to backup?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Use your appointment software to schedule an appointment reminder with yourself to backup
  • Check if your scanning software or backup software can be configured to run auto-backups
  • Sign up for an auto back-up service such as BackOnLine

Depending on your volume you may need to back up:

  • After every file
  • Every hour
  • Twice a day (eg: before lunch, at end of day)
  • End of each day (as the absolute minimum)

6. Security is essential

Ensure you keep a copy of your backup in a secure, fireproof place overnight. If you back up to a usb, disk or CD then invest in a fireproof, waterproof safety tin to store it in.  Or have your data hosted via the web in a secure data centre – us ask how to set this up for you.

7. Expert support – everybody needs a bit now and then!

Info-Organiser Document Management Solution is the best priced, secure electronic document software in Australian with over 15 years of experience. Ask the Info-Organiser team how to completely solve your scanning and document management needs.

We hope you enjoyed these seven document scanning tips. Do you have any of your own?

How to empower your employees with an electronic filing system

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Four True Stories of successful change to Info-Organiser

Believe it or not, sometimes business owners and managers want an electronic filing system yet are afraid that staff will react badly to the change. Yet the opposite is true.

Info-Organiser can create a culture of productivity that actually allows your team to do better work, which in turn creates better job satisfaction.

Nervous Go Live Day
Tracey Commisso
Department of Gastroenterology Wollongong Hospital
“On the morning of the actual go live day just one month ago I was very nervous. I imagined all kinds of resistance or problems. It was actually so easy! I did a training session for the doctors and they have been great at using it ever since. All the admin have embraced it too. The best part is now everyone, doctors and admin, can find and access client files immediately.” Read the full case study

Devoted to Organised Childcare
Doug Burns, Acorn Child Care
“They (staff) were resistant at first because it does take a few more minutes out of their routine to scan and index the child’s records rather than just sticking paper in a file. However they soon saw the advantage of electronic files at the other end when it came time to find what they want again. Now no-one has to waste time in the cold shed anymore. Overall our day is definitely more efficient which allows more time to devote to program planning and delivery of a quality childcare service.” Read the full case study

User Flexibility is appreciated
Annamieke Wilds, Interface Landscapes
“We appreciate the flexibility that Info-Organiser offers to different user styles. For example we really like the email archiving feature as it makes finding emails so much easier and secure than keeping them in Outlook. I like to bulk file my emails as that what suits me but another staff member likes to file each email as it arrives in her inbox. The icon that sits in our Outlook tool bar makes it so simple – one click and a few keystrokes and it’s done.” Read the full case study

Cannot imagine a return to paper filing
Priska Pradanti, Advantage Salary Packaging
I joined Advantage Salary Packaging and discovered they used Info-Organiser. It only took me a couple of hours to understand how it worked. Now I cannot imagine using a paper file system. If I had to change jobs and my new employer didn’t use Info-Organiser I would make sure they got it right away! Priska Pradanti, Client Services

Seven ways Info-Organiser further empowers your people

• The productivity coaches at Info-Organiser will talk with your team from the beginning to ensure the system is set up for your unique business workflow needs
• There are many standard features that can be customised to user preferences
• Ongoing training and support is provided
• If needed, we can also provide a tailored User Manual for your organisation
• We have a support portal and Australian based customer service
• Office space is freed up for a ordered working environment
• Premium and Platinum customisation can further allow for Info-Organiser to adapt to your specific needs

Discover how easily Info-Organiser can meet your complete electronic filing needs. Organise an online demo to walk through the software today.

The ultimate lazy way to file documents for time-poor managers and business owners

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Discover the untold benefits of Paying Filing Forward.

‘I simply don’t have time to manage our documents properly.’

This is what you think as you look at the quote you just received for a document management system. The sales person calls you to follow up. ‘Sure I want to get organised, but I simply don’t have time now – maybe next month … next quarter… next year …’

‘In the meantime Windows Explorer is good enough for me.’

You decide to take a lazy way out and use Explorer. (Makes sense, you think, it’s already there!) So you set up folders and sub-folders and save everything to them. Over time, as your business grows, your hire more people and they continue to follow this system. Sometimes your team works on the road, or from home. Unknown to you they start using another system (such as Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive), and soon there are multiple copies of files spread over multiple hard drives and devices.

‘Why can’t I find good people?’

A few years go by and your organisation filing is adhoc and unpredictable. Without a known filing protocol, your staff has made up file names, according to what makes sense to them. Mistakes are inevitable. (After all, like you, your team simply doesn’t have the time to do it properly). In their haste, docs are placed into wrong folders never to be found again. Folders get dragged into other folders and just seem to vanish. Some files and folders get deleted altogether. (Sure it’s by accident, but the culprit will never own up).

Then one day, while you are fruitlessly looking for the most up-to-date version of a proposal you need for an urgent meeting, you notice an important contract for MacDonald filed under McDougal. You become paranoid about other similar mistakes. You yell at your staff for being inefficient. Unhappy at being blamed for others mistakes, they leave. The cost of replacing staff seems to be never ending.

‘I file correctly, why can’t everyone else!’

You hire a new General Manager and direct them to get your document management sorted. You even approve a budget. However, some staff covertly block progress. They delay meetings, delay decisions, suggest you get yet another quote, all because they don’t want to make the time to change. They are comfortable with the way things are. They file the ‘right’ way, why can’t everyone else.

‘It’s time to think about others.’

On the day that you find a key client’s name misspelt 17 different ways across all files (true story), you finally have a blinding epiphany – you realise that you are to blame. You started this lazy filing system at the beginning because it required minimal thinking and effort. In your haste to grow your business, you did not adequately consider future document retrieval needs. You shoulder the blame for establishing the poor filing culture your staff now follows. Everyone is filing selfishly, without thought for the next person who will need to retrieve information. This approach is paradoxically costing everyone time and especially costing you money. You take responsibility and resolve to change.

“Let’s Pay Filing Forwards’

You finally get organised. The Info-Organiser DMS experts talk to your team about how your docs are used and help you set up a standard filing protocol for the entire organisation. All the files spread across hard drives, and other systems, are imported into one central database, accessible by all. Every client name is pre-added to a drop down list, (so misspelling is no longer an option), and accuracy occurs 100% of the time, no matter who files a document.

Your team is fully trained and using Info-Organiser by the end of the day. After a week, they are amazed at how easy it is to file, stunned by how simple searching for a file has become. (One particular long term staff member quietly discovers with great relief, they cannot accidentally drag folders into other folders anymore.) Info-Organiser Smart Folders allow staff to see relationships between documents they never knew existed and potential avenues unfold for new products and services.

Months later, everyone knows the benefits of ‘Paying Filing Forward’ within the business. They have seen firsthand, that the few seconds one person takes to file properly, saves hours for everyone. There is a buzz of renewed, confident energy in the organisation as staff feel supported and have time to do their jobs better.

‘It’s better to be organised.’

You look for other ways to increase efficiencies and your business grows to another level. Your suppliers and customers see the change and want to know what’s going on. You laugh, (with the wisdom of hindsight), and you tell them a story about ‘Paying Filing Forwards’, and suggest they get organised as well.

Finally, you can take time out for an extended European vacation because you know your business is organised and productive. You have finally discovered that having your info organised is the ultimate lazy.

Do you want to Organise or Organize – 5 key reasons why Australian Document Management is better for Australian business.

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In Australia we like to be organised. Not organized.

When you are thinking about increasing staff productivity and getting better organised in your office then these are the five reasons why it is wiser to choose Australian document management software…

1. Advanced Australian Standards.
Overseas companies are slow to understand and implement the specific filing and compliance needs of Australian businesses. For instance, did you know hosting documents off shore is a breach of Australian ATO and compliance laws? The ATO is fully on board with electronic filing when you do it by their rules. You can see their latest ruling regarding the storing of electronic files by clicking here. In addition most States now have a electronic records standard modelled on the Victorian Electronic Records Standard or VERS. Info-Organiser has undergone thorough testing to meet the stringent VERS criteria.

2. Aussies love Innovation.
Back in 1999 when Info-Organiser was born, paperless document management was newly innovative and leading edge. Now in 2014 all Australian’s want to be paperless in some way – whether it’s paying bills online or reading the newspaper on your iPad. In 15 years paperless in Australia has become, well normal. Info-Organiser is still innovating and leading the market with the new Version 10 currently in beta testing and due for full release in April. And yes Info-Organiser works on all your screens – your desktop, your laptop and on your mobile devices. (Or all of them at once if you want it too.) Here’s a screenshot of Info-Organiser working on iPad.
electronic filing iPad

3. We go a-waltzing at the coolabah tree.
We take the time to talk to our customers regularly and really listen to the people who are using Info-Organiser every day. Many of our new features are user suggested. For example in 1998 when were asked to find an easier way for left handed users to use Info-Organiser we listened and created moveable windows that can switched around to accommodate how you like to view information, click information and be in control of information. Now it’s one of the most loved features of right handed users too, especially those who use two screens.

4. You live in the land down under.

Having access to technicians who are in down under time zones, who can directly answer your questions and solve your technical hiccups is (to put it simply) good business practice. When you pay for annual support you should receive it in a timely manner, from someone who understands you. If you want a quote on a custom feature you deserve to get a response about it within 24 hours not in days or weeks.

5. 15 years of fair dinkum know how
In 1999 Info-Organiser promised that our software was the easiest way to a paperless office. This still rings true today. As does the need to have ‘information at your fingertips’, any time, any place. Our early adopter users from 15 years ago know that you only need to set up the Info-Organiser system once for it to keep you working productively day after day, year after year. Paperless IS easy when you know how and 15 years from now you will know it too.

So be true blue – click here to organise a free 30 minute online demo today

Cloud document management

Are you questioning your productivity?

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It’s July 2015 and time to say, Happy New Financial Year!

Were you up to midnight on 30 June with your best bottle of champers and a stash of fireworks, celebrating what a fantastic first half of the year you had?

And did you get up early on 1 July, energetic and armed with a list of business resolutions, ready to celebrate a new financial year?

Yes? Good for you!

No… Gee, if your financial year has so far been more fizzer and less sparkles, then perhaps you need a productivity rocket!

How to rocket your productivity

You know how the saying goes, if you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Think about it.

We may look like a document management software company, but mostly we are productivity coaches. Paperless. Workflow. DMS. Electronic Filing. Metadata. Security. Version Control. These are all very useful productivity tools, that are only able to be made brilliant by the people power that uses them.

We see that you are smart and that you want to change. Of course you want the brilliance, but often just don’t know how or where to start. So start with the basics.

Start with asking better questions

You’ll be amazed at how a change in thinking can bring about a change in reality.

Here’s seven favourite productivity questions designed to give you a power boost.

  1. I wonder what will surprise and delight me on the way to work today.
  2. How can I inspire and lift the attitude of my office today?
  3. What amazing people, with just the right solutions to my problems, will I discover this week?
  4. Where can I find people who have the same productivity goals as me?
  5. How can I work smarter?
  6. Who can I learn from today to get me closer to my work goals?
  7. How many ways to increase productivity will I think of by the time I go home tonight?

By now, you might even have some sweet sounding answers, and already be imagining the changes.

Have fun, and let us know how you go.

Using Dual Screens for better Document Management

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With LED monitors being ever more slimline and affordable, utilising two screens on a desk is becoming the new normal. Designers, stock brokers and computer technicians have been using bigger and dual-screen set-ups for years. These professions are onto it and its time the rest of the working world caught up.

Drawbacks of a single monitor

–          The constant maximizing, minimising and resizing of windows is tedious and interrupts your workflow

–          One screen makes it frustrating and slow to cut and paste between documents

–          Needing to print pages in order to visually refer to them is wasteful

–          Unnecessary eye strain and shoulder tension

How to make a dual-screen set-up work for you

You will be amazed at how easy it is to work with two screens and have all your info spread out between them. Here are five ideas for how you can use dual-screens to work smarter:

  1. Have Info-Organiser open on one screen for quick filing and searching and your work on the other
  2. Use one screen for internet browsers
  3. Keep an eye on the company Intranet or Skype messaging on one screen while you do your word docs and emails on the other
  4. Have portals open on one screen (eg: Tax Office, Superannuation Employer Account, Bank Feeds, etc) while you drag and drop, or reference data from the second screen
  5. Need to edit lots of documents? Cut from a document on screen one and paste it with a single mouse click into the document on screen two

You can even get a bit fancy and have one screen on a rotatable arm and turn it ‘portrait’ style for when you need to view single page documents in one glance.

There are monthly specials for LED screens at all the major retailers. The one we like at the moment is the Samsung D590 (16:9)27 inch, 1920x1080cm. TIP: be sure to check that the screens you like are compatible with your existing computer and operating software.

Super-size your document management

In today’s workplace with demanding deadlines, KPI targets to meet and computers central to it all, everyone needs to find ways to work faster and smarter. So forget the combo fast-food deals and get super-sizing in a productive way with a second screen. Your document management workflow will improve ten-fold and you will wonder how you ever coped without it.

Filing Solutions and Paper Attachment Disorder

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Do you suffer from the widely spread but little known affliction known as ‘Paper Attachment Disorder’?

Attachment to a paper based filing solutions could be a sign that you are among the few that still have this infliction.

Symptoms can include:

  • Frequent paper cuts
  • Daily occurrences of lost or misplaced files
  • Long term space shortage
  • Frequent stress related to document security
  • Lost sales and deliveries
  • Backache from pushing heavy compactus shelves and trolleys
  • Frustrated staff

Indications of attachment to paper based filing systems vary by individual and are known to be: 

  • Low trust in technology
  • Overflowing P.O. Box or dread of the daily mail delivery
  • Unnatural reliance on photocopier
  • Subsequent over the top toner and paper bills
  • Stress and headaches caused by crammed inbox
  • Resistance to change

Relax! Full recovery is now possible with instant implementation of the Info-Organiser Document Management Solution.

Be prepared – the following side affects are common with treatment:

Documents are just a mouse click away

Happy and productive staff

Increased sales due to access to docs anytime, anyplace

Reduced costs in rent, staff turnover, storage fees, stationary

Increased security and compliance standards

Clarity and peace of mind

These side effects are usually experienced within one hour of treatment. If experienced we recommend you advise your suppliers, clients and acquaintances as soon as possible, so they can share in your experience!

It’s true – Info-Organiser will have you productively resourcing your files within an hour of installation.

So say goodbye to your paper based filing systems and embrace the new and efficient age of electronic filing. You will save space, find files faster and have time to do the work you like to do. The search is over with Info-Organiser.

Call today for a demonstration 1300 651 014 or Book your free 30min online demo

Go Paperless with a Virtual Server

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Waste is worse than loss.  The time is coming when every person who lays claim to ability will keep the question of waste before him constantly.  The scope of thrift is limitless.  ~Thomas A. Edison

Edison has it one – in today’s online world, bulky and costly onsite servers can be pure waste for your business.

Virtual Servers are the ideal thrifty and limitless solution for your business if you want all the functionality of an on-site server without wasted space, the upfront investment and the continued service fees.

Virtual Servers are secure, keep your data safe, are a ‘green’ solution and allow you to cashflow your IT investment monthly.

Plus Info-Organiser works beautifully on a virtual server setup.

And the price? The amount of data you need to host will determine the once off set up charge and your monthly service fee. Various packages are available to suit your budget.

End waste today – for a tailored quote contact us today.