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Do you want to Organise or Organize – 5 key reasons why Australian Document Management is better for Australian business.

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In Australia we like to be organised. Not organized.

When you are thinking about increasing staff productivity and getting better organised in your office then these are the five reasons why it is wiser to choose Australian document management software…

1. Advanced Australian Standards.
Overseas companies are slow to understand and implement the specific filing and compliance needs of Australian businesses. For instance, did you know hosting documents off shore is a breach of Australian ATO and compliance laws? The ATO is fully on board with electronic filing when you do it by their rules. You can see their latest ruling regarding the storing of electronic files by clicking here. In addition most States now have a electronic records standard modelled on the Victorian Electronic Records Standard or VERS. Info-Organiser has undergone thorough testing to meet the stringent VERS criteria.

2. Aussies love Innovation.
Back in 1999 when Info-Organiser was born, paperless document management was newly innovative and leading edge. Now in 2014 all Australian’s want to be paperless in some way – whether it’s paying bills online or reading the newspaper on your iPad. In 15 years paperless in Australia has become, well normal. Info-Organiser is still innovating and leading the market with the new Version 10 currently in beta testing and due for full release in April. And yes Info-Organiser works on all your screens – your desktop, your laptop and on your mobile devices. (Or all of them at once if you want it too.) Here’s a screenshot of Info-Organiser working on iPad.
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3. We go a-waltzing at the coolabah tree.
We take the time to talk to our customers regularly and really listen to the people who are using Info-Organiser every day. Many of our new features are user suggested. For example in 1998 when were asked to find an easier way for left handed users to use Info-Organiser we listened and created moveable windows that can switched around to accommodate how you like to view information, click information and be in control of information. Now it’s one of the most loved features of right handed users too, especially those who use two screens.

4. You live in the land down under.

Having access to technicians who are in down under time zones, who can directly answer your questions and solve your technical hiccups is (to put it simply) good business practice. When you pay for annual support you should receive it in a timely manner, from someone who understands you. If you want a quote on a custom feature you deserve to get a response about it within 24 hours not in days or weeks.

5. 15 years of fair dinkum know how
In 1999 Info-Organiser promised that our software was the easiest way to a paperless office. This still rings true today. As does the need to have ‘information at your fingertips’, any time, any place. Our early adopter users from 15 years ago know that you only need to set up the Info-Organiser system once for it to keep you working productively day after day, year after year. Paperless IS easy when you know how and 15 years from now you will know it too.

So be true blue – click here to organise a free 30 minute online demo today

Cloud document management

What is forms processing software?

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What is forms processing software?

Are you tired of manually entering data from the same forms day after day, week after week? If time and efficiency are important to you, then you deserve the absolute best form processing software money can buy.

Forms Processing will quickly transform any pile of forms into a streamlined workflow system.

Info-Organiser recommends FormStorm Forms Processing software. Here’s six ways that FormStorm Enterprise delivers a total forms processing solution for your business:

1. FormStorm Enterprise uses OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, form classification, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition – to capture and enter data from paper to databases – with record savings of time and money.

2. You can apply OCR, ICR, OMR barcode reading to any known form (for structured reading), or forms of varying layouts such as semi-structured or some unstructured forms).

3. Use the easy entry starter package to handle low volume, or scale up to process any volume – even hundreds of millions of forms, easily and accurately.

4. Automate your invoices too! FormStorm Invoices have a full bag of tricks for fast invoice processing without you having to lift a finger (except to hit enter every now and then!).

5. IO Forms is a modern complete end-to-end forms processing solution that provides efficient and accurate capture of all data from paper forms. IO Forms incorporates forms processing software to provide you with the best performing; best priced form automation solution on the market.

6. You can easily have IO Forms handle all of your paper forms needs, such as:

  • Text recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Barcode reading
  • Form design
  • Data aggregation
  • and more

Read more about the advantages of IO Forms here.

FormStorm Enterprise will soon become the new hero of your office. To discover what is forms processing software simply contact us for a free online demo of forms processing for you and your team.