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The Purpose of I-Care Service

You want your experience of using Info-Organiser to be as simple
and relaxed as possible. The yearly I-Care Service gives you increased
peace of mind, responsiveness and value.

For some businesses the change to electronic filing needs a measure of time to fully succeed. For that reason ongoing support is essential to the successful implementation of a paperless office culture.

Sometimes existing staff need time to adopt new strategies, new staff require training, security settings evolve and require amendment, old computers need upgrading and passwords get forgotten.

I-Care entitles you to:

  • Free Upgrades to new version releases and subsequent updates
  • Special I-Care onsite or remote service hourly rate
  • Help desk support: i-care gives you year round email and phone support and access to our knowledge base
  • I-Care subscribers receive special advice and prices on document scanners
  • Free training: All new licenses purchased with I-Care receive 30 minutes of free online training

Priority Service Program:

Let’s face it, as much as we wish it were so, there is no such thing as the perfect computer and occasionally you will need to deal with emergency computer issues and subsequent software re-installs.

In addition to I-Care, upgrading to our i-Care Priority Service Program will ensure that we can be there for you in those times when you most need it.

Full details of i-Care and Priority Service will be provided when you organise an Online Demo.

Release Notes

28 August 2013 – Please download the most recent Version 9.16 release notes here: Info-Organiser Release Notes v 9.16

5 May 2014 -Info-Organiser Read Me Notes V10 12.5.14