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What is Document Management?

Info-Organiser can transform your people into document management experts.
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Who else uses Info-Organiser?

Anyone in Financial Services will know that this is a paper intensive sector. Managing all that paper is time consuming, costs additional outlay in rent and equipment and let’s face it – boring!


Info-Organiser allows your Accounting practice to create a streamlined, robust and secure document management system with the flexibility to grow as you do.

The ATO Ruling TR2005/9 outlines the ATO guidelines for electronic record keeping. Download the PDF here:

7 Immediate ways you will benefit from using Info-Organiser in your accounting practice.

  • Convenient digital archiving of all practice accounts.
  • Compliant electronic storage of all government compliance tax forms.
  • Easily store bulky Corporate Registers.
  • Electronic archiving of historical tax files into a powerful database engine.
  • Instant retrieval of all client records from one central source.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive onsite or offsite storage.
  • Accountants prefer Info-Organiser as it has a powerful and superior search tool over and above other programs like Viztopia, Accountants office and Handy software.

Are you ready to join our happy client list?

Financial Planners

Info-Organiser is the preferred choice for financial planners who want to store and manage all their documents compliantly and efficiently.

Info-Organiser will electronically store these 8 document categories and much more …

  • All Customer records
  • Insurance and Superannuation Policies
  • Authorities
  • Your own office Invoices and Payment Records
  • General Correspondence
  • Fund Manager Reports
  • Latest Financial Information
  • Marketing Material

Info-Organiser supports compliance by using a simple naming convention that allows you to keep all file names consistent.  With Info-Organiser’s complete audit trail you can track the entire history of documents from when they were initially created to who has accessed them and when.
Read Dunsford Financial Planners case study.


Professional and Owner Builders can easily become inundated with the amount of paper work and correspondence on a building project such as plans, invoices, purchases orders, receipts, faxes and emails. Our building clients have found that when Info-Organiser is at the center of this, file and handling becomes easier. When there is a dispute having all the facts at your fingertips avoids delays and headaches and puts you back in power.

Five simple ways Info-Organiser keeps your project on track:

  • Allows you to locate invoices from sub-contractors and suppliers in seconds.
  • Files all your e-mails in the same location as all other documents so you have everything in one place
  • You are able to cleverly links document to other building software packages or even to the Microsoft Project for one click cross referencing
  • Lets your bookkeeper or accountant keep track of all your expenditure and quickly correct any errors
  • All you need is a laptop on site – no more lugging loose files and archive boxes from place to place

Independant trades, such as Electricians and Plumbers

In today’s risk management and compliance heavy climate, managing your paperwork and records is vitally important to the success of your bottom line. Info-Organiser can take that huge pile of filing from the corner of your office (or the backseat of your van) and convert it all into one easy manageable datafile.

Info-Organiser is for you if:

  1. You have trouble finding invoices and receipts when its time to do your BAS
  2. You are continually moving stacks of paperwork from one spot to another
  3. You want to get more organised and profitable

Running the flow of paper records between warehouse and office is challenging. Not to mention dealing with supplier and customer records. You can make it easier with an efficient, reliable document management system. Let Info-Organiser become your favourite new staff member!

Here’s some practical applications of how you can use Info-Organiser in your company:

  • File all incoming orders, invoices, delivery dockets and more – paper and electronic in one place
  • Easily database each document with keywords for fast search and retrieval by anyone in the office or factory
  • Be able to access files off site, on the road from home office or subsidiary offices – great for your sales staff, home based admin staff or when you need to do weekend processing
  • Save your common searches for even faster access to frequently required documents
  • Manage historical order habits by customer or supplier name
  • Advanced security features and log records keep you in control

Ready to know more? Organise a Demo Today.

Storing files in Info-Organiser along with a robust back-up procedure guarantees your files are safe from:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Computer viruses
  • Loss due to human error

Could you afford to lose all  your paper based client information?

No – then, protect your business and your clients with Info-Organiser today.

  • Plus electronic filing can reduce the amount of room you require for files and therefore save you rent.
  • Save you time by always having documents available when you need them, in the office or on the road.
  • Improve staff morale by removing the drudge of manual filing and unnecessary refiling.
  • Ensure security levels so staff only see files they are authorised to see.